Orion's belt

Have anyone heard of the Orion's belt?

“You mean the three stars that sit side by side? It’s one of the more visible stars in the night sky. I suppose it’s meant for navigation purpose.”

Does anyone know why the 3 stars are there?

“Let me tell you a story. Long Ago in the ancient times of Rome, there lives a very poor farmer by the name of Heron.

He worked night and day over the fields of grains to harvest food for his family. To him life was so miserable that he never thought he would love someone until the day when the boss came to collect his tax with his daughter, Zoenith.

It was a love at first sight, Heron knew she was the one for him.
Heron then tried so hard to impress his beloved.

He told Zoenith that he will climb up the highest mountain in Rome to catch a falling star in return for her love.

Zoenith did like Heron but due to the strong rejection from her father she could only avoid him.

When she knows he was going to the highest mountain she ran away from home to find him. She finally found him on the cliff of the highest mountain.

The Boss sent many men to search for Heron and wanted his head back for reward they look high and low for this young farmer and finally they reached the tip of the highest mountain.

As they approach, Zoenith begins to plead for their mercy to let Heron go but Heron stood still as he holds Zoenith's hand.

He spoke of real sincerity.

“Knowing you was a blessing but for you to be with me by my side is a miracle indeed let this day not be the day as we are parted but for this day tat we are united even if we were to go through hell together”

Heron tighten his grip of Zoenith's hand as they jump down the cliff together.

Venus then the Goddess of Love saw what happened to the wrecked couple. She understands that there was indeed true love between this young couples.

She then sent a shinning star to fetch them and bring them to the evening sky.

Then on in the nights of Rome, people will see 3 stars.. Heron, Zoenith and the middle star between them which symbolize their Love... “

“When either one of the stars stops glow the other two will simply die off. This is because their love is not tested by time but will last longer than time.....”

Geeks Myths are <3
Don't ask me why!


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