Maou Ep 7

Maou Ep 7 Pic Scam((:

The scariest part of the whole Ep!!
I hate seeing people get killed in Drama. But how not to when I 100% support fully on Ryo's revenge on Serizawa. If i watch this show because of Toma maybe i will hate Ryo a lot.
ps. They are NOT gay hor.

Happy Birthday, my angel lawyer(:

I wonder if Arashi have a surprise birthday party for him, will this be his reaction??

Love cookies!!

Sora-chan present for him. Hontou ni kawaii~
at least it's better than Sho panda drawing XD

As always my favorite part:

The girl(Forget her name) grabbing Ryo hand..

Ryo hugged her, she was shocked...

He camouflaged with the surrounding..
Rabu Rabu~~
*I see Nino eating vinegar in front of the television screen*

Like always I say
*throw internet chocolate bars to you!*


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