Edison no Haha

Just watch finish Edison no Haha..

The series focuses on Ayukawa Noriko, the teacher of a class of first-graders. One day, a boy named Kento transfers into her class from another school, where he was treated as a problem child. In reality, the inquisitive Kento actually displays potential as a prodigy, and it's up to Noriko to figure out how to handle him. The story draws inspiration from the childhood of famous inventor Thomas Edison, who was also considered a problem child by most adults around him.
This is how Thomas Edison, the guy who invented the light bulb was like.

It's really interesting and you learn a lot of things..

- The common people think that 1 + 1 = 2
But there are some exception which the answer is not 2..
In Binary, its evidently 10
In Computer Language, it is also 10
In Natural Logarithms, 1 + 1 = 0
In Logical Operator in Discrete Mathematics, 1 + 1 = 1
In Boolean Operation, 1 + 1 = 1
& by simply adding the 2 letter next to each other, 1 + 1 = 11

Possibility is something that breeds curiosity.

Straight rainbows do exit and are known as 'circumhorizontal arc' which is said to be an optical phenomenon. & seen only ten of times a year within japan.

The world used to be a super continent Pengea. Soon this continents start seperating itself out aka Alfred Wegener Continental Drift Theory.

Intellectual Curiosity is the passion to know more about things around us.

Poincar Conjecture is a theorem about the characterization of the three-dimensional sphere among three dimensional manifolds.
(Bleh :p totally hard to understand. It's on wiki so you can go read yourself)

The sun is estimated to be 5 billion years old which the earth is estimated to 4.55 billion years old.

This is really nice to know about:

In compulsory education, when there are questions there will be answers. But is reality things aren't so simple. What is happiness? Why do men and women disagree? There are number of questions with no answers like that. So long as humanity continues to ask questions. We will give birth to new science and art. In that way, all kinds of doubts can lead to change in our framework and changes in the structure of the universe. Human Intellegence can only be born from those adominable difficulties.

& many many more...
So if you are interested, click HERE
ps. like a typical JDrama it only contain 10 episode.


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