Sho-kun you wear fake pants.!!! Eww.

His fake jeans which is actually a jersey.

OhnoXSho Rabu Rabu...

Bleh :p

Stupid nose, now damn blocked. *sniff sniff*
countdown 45 minutes to AnS XD

Nat came my house today, cos she wanted to eat the jelly. I guess. She wanted me to post about some damn irritating stuff that almost got me landed into the hospital.

She was staying in the toilet for quite some time so i went up first. I heard footsteps but i ignored it. Ya, i was happily drinking my chrysanthemum tea and staring into space when she suddenly...


I almost spit out my drink and nearly drop the bottle. & there she was laughing happily. GRR !! It nearly gave me a heart attack. you shall pay for my hospital bills :D

She introduced to me a 1959 show called "I love Lucy", LOL i was laughing so hard at the "Lucy go Sun Valley".
Wife: Aww, look honey.
Husband: What's all that junk
Wife: Junk?! This is a momento, 7 years of our courtship and our wedding and everything.
Total LOL!!!

Ya, his accent is super funny.
Yingle Bells~Yingle Bells~

Wife: You're nothing but a man!!!
Man: I'm a man!!

Just go search, LDCH (Lucy Desi Comedy Hour) on Youtube. At the rate I'm going, I'm going to type out the whole video (:

I Miss Gwendy's Tingeroo(:

Everyone said it can't be done, but all you need is a little imagination(: - Michael Phelps


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