Confession of the Heart

Every time I look at my parents, a question would come to my mind. What can make their relationship go so strong?
Is it the things they do for each other.
The feelings they have for each other.

Mum always tell me, "It's great to find a good husband, that cares for you and know how to take care of you." was she referring to Dad?


my everything...
my joy giver...
my secret escape...
my happiness...
Girl~ when do you think you will ever have the chance to say you love him so much.
Every time i see him, I get so worried for him. Can't he just properly take care of himself. Whenever I eat, i wonder whether he has eaten. Before sleep, 'Oyasumi' is just all i want to say to him. A kid passes by, i will think about how much he loves kids so much.

Ne~Sho, do you know out there how many people are worried for you, your health. Work is important and health is more important. I don't want you to become skinner that a 'Plasma Tv'.
& 大好き <3>

I want to go back 9 years ago, to meet him..

Random Video: Lucy in the chocolate factory...


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