I watched it ^^ I finally watched it already. It's just too nice, funny. I was watching it when I started remembering on how I was jun-baited by Domyouji and how I got into the Arashi fandom. Ya, felt so emotional. I feel like spamming myself fully with Hana Yori Dango Stuff. Rewatching Season 1 and 2. o_o
Note to self: Please Please Please do that after O's. Just few more months, you can do it!!!

Credit: Yuckie-chan LJ.

Photo Credits: It's written already(:

So many funny part during the movie. When Tsukasa kept on saying the wrong word, when he thought the rest of F4 came to look for him cos they miss him and his reaction. I was super shockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkked when he said "Fcuk". I was like Domyouji/Jun know how to say Fcuk. fwahahahahaha. And the part at the motel was hilarious, LOL I feel so pervetic now. The whole cinema was laughing when he was covering his 'little brother'. The rest contains spoiler and if you want to know ASK ME!!! Yes and did I mention it, I love the wedding kiss. Cho romantic <3

Next time in the future:

Me:Ne, what's your dream?
Hubby: It's to love you and be with you forever. *Hug Hug Kiss Kiss* So, what's your dream?
Me: To get married to you(:
Hubby: So, lets get marriedXDDDD

Silv, why didn't we saw each other !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So near yet so far.
I'm watching Myuu no Anyo, Papa ni Ageru now. Hearing Jun say "Itai" make my heart break so much. It's his birthday today and he have to make us cry so much!!


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