After seeing Rhi's LJ on what Youtube recommended to her, I decided to go youtube and check on what Youtube recommended to me. Surprisingly, I love it.

1) The last video I watched of Johnny Carson was the one with JJ and that was quite long ago. To see his videos coming up and the one with Jim Carrey, I was pretty excited.

2) Eason Chen - His my favorite Cantonese/Mandarin singer of all time.

3) Hi my sweetheart. Oh this, I was watching this 2hr show with Eliza yesterday. Hi my sweetheart is now my favorite Show Luo and Rainie yang drama. Out of the thousands of drama they acted in.

4,6 and 7) Arashi :D Aiba's letter was the video that make me fully love them to the 100%. It was the one that got me thinking how different Arashi is.

5) Huang Jing Lun. Don't ask me. I love him now.

6) Momo love, i just wish I had 5 wholesome brothers.


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