I HAVE THE WIERDEST DREAM OF ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is what happen when you watch to much Arashi and think too much about Sho.

I was at TM shopping and went to look for my grandma doctor which was at a pharmacy. I saw a bunch of people from my school (like Reuben, Daniel) at this pharmacy. I was chatting with the doctor and he said "You need to go to the nearest petrol station to collect you grandma medicine." I was thinking Medicine is collect from the clinic NOT a petrol station.

Then the next thing I knew I was inside this bus with my class. =.= Nat suddenly came and talk to me and ask me why I was here and so I told her about what the doctor say. Then she ask "You know where's the petrol station meh?" Oh Shit !!! Totally Don't know where it is. So I ask Miss Shiow, the teacher in charge and she also not to sure. Die, so I tried stopping at the first bus stop and she said this "Be Careful, if you lost your way, I'm not going to be responsible." Bleh :p

So I got down the bus and walk around to see where was it. So I came across a library. I was thinking of going into the library and ask where the petrol station is. I kept on searching but all I can only find are my school people. GRR!!! Why no outsiders?? Then Miss Karen Ng (She left the school like so many years ago.) walk up to me and ask what I was doing here. I asked her where the petrol station was and she asked me to wait for a while. So I waited, waited and waited. Then Ms Ng came up to me ask me to follow her. Then I was outside this shop that said 'Petrol Station.' So this the Petrol station that the doctor was talking about. I went in and this guy came to talk to me about buying a photo frame. "See first," I told him. He then showed me a photo of my grandma and me. Look, where did he get that photo?? I saw the price S$81 I checked my wallet and only $20 inside. So, I said next time I get it from him.

Let me tell you more about this shop. 'Petrol Station' is a shop where they help you make stuff and sell icons (OMG i got a liking for icons). Inside they sell tons of artist icons and yes they do sell Arashi. I spotted Sho's "Hip Hop Boogie" icon and alot more.

So i was looking around this shop and then someone tapped my shoulder. So I tured around and saw Sho, I screamed. Yes I think I screamed quite loud. He asked "Do you want to go on a dinner date with me?" and Sho being my ichiban how could I reject him. He pulled my hand and then he bought me to a high class restaurant. We were waiting for the food and he said "Can you see Tokyo Tower?" I went blank. WTH is this place? Why are we in Japan and few minutes ago, we were in Singapore.

& it somehow ended like this.


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