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24 Hr Tv !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The show that make me watch it for 22 hours straight with only 4 hours of sleeping. And now my eye in pain, red and maybe swollen abit!! Thanks but i love you all so much. Arigatou Arashi for letting me know how to live life as wonderful as how I love you all(: LOL since I watch almost everything, I'm sooooo not gonna tell you how detailed it went, if not I will definetly die. This is the very evil blogger XDD

So I'm gonna split this into 3 parts cos there are so many things to be uploaded. Part A will be description, Part B will be videos, Part C will be Pictures (hahahahah Pic Spam^^). Remember Pictures will take a longer time due to the fact that I need to finish downloading all the videos, take the pictures, organize them, upload them and describe them. Give me money and I will try to do it by 2 days :D Evil = Live
Ps. Pardon my bad grammar cos I'm too tired !

So 24hr tv lasted from 30 August 2008(Saturday) 5:30pm all the way to 31 August 2008 (Sunday) 7:58pm . (Singapore Time).
Luckily this week is school holiday, if not I donna how I can stand it.

113Km Marathon Run

Edo Harumi. She ran through the 2D1N with a injured ankle. & she did it. Edo-san Sugoii na~GuGu~ The whole of Japan and People watching 24hr tv from overseas have supported you throughout this race. Edo-san you have worked hard((:

Nino Task: Helping a Boy to swim 100m

He look super HAWT topless. Nino half naked can be put on the dining table. PQ, Leen lend me your husband for one second and i want to give him a big hug but I make sure I won't eat him up(: Back to the main topic, the little boy. You may think 100m is chicken feet, Pls lar everyone can do it. Remember, this little boy named Abe Shota is handicapped and he lost both his arm. Everything he does from writing to eating is using his right leg. His more useful than us people. Nino had to be there for him throughout the whole swim in case something happened. In the end they did it and I'm happy.Great to see Nino topless and wet.

Asada Mao & Violin Girl

Did you see it??? No obviously you didn't. But it will be on my next post !!! She figure skated with Mik-chan (name of girl) who was playing the Violin. Okay mik-chan is also handicapped but she has this electronic device to help her move around more conveniently. Mik-chan is a BIG BIG fan of Asada Mao and in this segment she will be playing the song "Over the Rainbow" for Asada-san figure skate butai "The Ice" Figure skating is indeed the world most beautiful sport.

World records

Ya, lol like what the title say. My mouth was open from the first record to the last record. Using a trampoline to shoot a distant slam dunk. The record now is 6.40m. The one shooting now is not a basketball player but a olympic trampoline player. This is so much better than Kungfu Dunk or what Dunk you have! Doing a freestyle kick into one hole at the corner of the pole. They asked famous soccer players to try it out. Ya i think it's now 28m.(: Ya, far! Still got a lot more but I lazy type it out. Beg me!! XD I'm being evil or trying too. If you believe you can do it, Just do it !!

Myuu No Anyo, PaPa Ni Ageru

24hr tv special Drama featuring Matsumoto Jun of Arashi & karina. I miss the first part, so I was wondering whether I should continue to watch. In the end, I only watch part by part but at least I downloaded it. Fuahahahah. I can see myself crying when I watch this, worse if it's with subs. When it's a true story and you have seen the family before that make it even sadder. Why did you two had a quarrel? Why? Why? But at least you make-up XDD

Odorki No Arashi

I miss this segment too much!! When exactly was the last time we had a odoroki? April? Odoroki, Hisashiburi!! They did Helium Gas Again !!!!!! Nino was inside of this balloon filled with helium gas! He sounded super Tweety Bird. He sang better inside the Helium gas cos it was super cute with him singing Totoro~Totoro~ The orchestra went in and played totoro. Funny XDD The violins, viola, cello sounded all okay but once the brass and wind instrument played the pitch was totally out. Cho Funny XDD Human Flying Kite. Aiba is really crazy !! Hontouni Baka!! They build this huge kite and tied Aiba on to it. With the wind and the number of people pulling it, it flew and Aiba was up there flying like a bird spreading out its beautiful wings. They have many more but I love this two the most.

Embarrased Videos & Games

For videos, they showed the famous Sho [Pole Game], Aiba [Italian Bomb]. 经典!! No.100 was when they were really young and inside Sho mouth was a piece of metal something like an alumminium foil. They also showed Nino and Jun when they were 14 years old. YOUNG !

Then they played this game when a person will spin the wheel. On this wheel, is the name of different people. When it got your name, you have to change into a bikini within a minute stay inside this tub of hot water as fast as you can. Then with that time, the person who spin get to publicise his/her stuff. Haruna Ai was one of them (The boy who went for a makeover). Luckily she change fast within that minute if not can see because her bra almost drop. =.= That 'girl' need to be taught how to be more sophiscated. She totally destoryed her image when she kept on when in and out of the water that her mascara was fading already. So they then ask the host to participate to help her. The fat guy went in first. He was so scared that he put so much ice on his leg and inside his trunk. He still wouldn't go in so the other 2 had to forced him in by drowing him for 15s. When they pulled him up and they can feel the heat then they let go and all of them fell. I can't stop laughing at that.

Blind Girl

This was one of the very touching story. But see the video until want to vomit blood. Tateki Sae. An Aiba ichibanner. He was super proud of it.!! She's blind and actually a freestlye swimmer gold medalist !! Sugoii(: They went into the sea and swim it was so kowaii with the big waves. But with all this olympian winner helping her. Sae-san Ganbatte!! She did it already, what was it i thinking? They did it for almost half of the Sunday 24hr terebi. They sang [Love so sweet]for her after she finished and she started crying. Aww. Omoide Zutto Zutto~

Fell asleep from 4:30am - 7:30am

Aiba Task: Help a boy to swim with dolphins

Actually is not really swimming but he just put his head inside the water, see see and go back =.= That's why Aiba was getting super tan!!! He was helping Harada Kosaku, a boy with muscle problem. Kosaku-kun loves dolphin so much that the producers decided to let him go out to the sea with Aiba to see the dolphins. That kid was great backstroke swimmer but the only problme his biggest fear was the sea. Kowaii na~ Wakarimashita. They tried doing it at the sea a few time and they overcome it. Kosaku-kun Sugoii na~ So after TSD fliming, he & Aiba took a ship out to the sea. Aiba look so like a father when he was hugging Kosaku-kun telling him not to worry but his really Baka ne~ The first try failed cos he had difficulty breathing but what they didn't knew was that below them was a dolphin swimming. So Aiba experimented with the staff and found a solution. Aiba took advantage of Kosaku-kun great swimming in backstroke and they succeeded. Kosaku-kun got to see his dolphins XDD

Dance: Ill-abilities

I was blown away. TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY BY THIS 4 GUYS and maybe a bit of Arashi. What could be better than this. Handicapped and they can dance breakdance so well. What are you? God?? They dance with Arashi to [Move your body]. Ya, that guy love Arashi dance so much that a fangirl (ME!) feels that he has the potential to be one of the best fanboys Arashi have. Ganbatte ne~ The leader of the group Luca Patuelli said that i was only the beginning to the most wonderful ending.

Jun Cambodia Trip

Jun-kun Sugoii Na~ He went to Cambodia to visit those HIV kids. At first, he actually couldn't interact with them due to the language barrier but he did it eventually.!!! Language is no obstacle for the power of friendship as it it the heart that count <3 style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">think. This girl kind of hate her dad for passing down the HIV disease. The resolvers Jun talked to both the dad and the girl and everything is fine now. The kids miss him so much when he went back. ^^


YATTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so back again. They split in 1999 i think so. I love their songs, their dance and lots more! Although not same Sendai but I still love them. Their voice still remained the same XDD They sang White Love, Steady, All my True Love and Body and Soul. Ya my favourite is still Body & Soul. Body and Soul~~~


I was calling out for Mimura name actually but then Takaki started talking then my whole heart melted. TAKAKI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ps. stop it!!
I cried when they sang to [Tsubasa o kudasai] with those kind of children then don't have developed brains. Yankumi first time play video. *clap clap* There was this girl also name as Nakama Yuckie (Yankumi real name) and she was also name that because her father like Yankumi alot :DD Sugoii na~

Sho task:Playing Catchball

His task was simple. It was to play catch ball with this small boy. His brother had this illness and Sho-kun went to visit the brother. He had to wait a white coat which make him look like a doctor!! Sho-kun go be a doctor and be in Arashi at the same time. Simple form, split yourself into two. Being a doctor is easier to go to you, cos i can either a super sick patient or a nurse and be your personal assistant. LOL forgive me fangirlness *Bow* Gomen Ne~The younger brother promised to fulfill his older brother wishes on playing at a real game and he did it!!! Evil me is too tired :DD

Ohno Project

Ohno SAIKOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He did 24 black figurines just for 24 hr Terebi. You have improved Ohno. Do more and try not to fish soon cos of the summer season and you are all tanned up everyday getting darker day by day. Okay back to the topic, he did 24 figurines, a big balloon with the dreams of people and they let the balloon fly off ((:

Nino Letter

My eyes are red, tired, swollen all because of this letter. At least I don't have to become a vegeterian because I bet on Sho & Aiba :D Nino I love you so much. Before you even say a word, I can feel tears already. Nino arigatou for making me fall in love with Arashi one more time. Today will be the day where my love renewed for Arashi :D Yes, I'm glad to have the 6 person which is every member of Arashi. Sho's pride is stopping him from crying. His trying hard to fight back his tears. But sho you know, we fans still love you no matter how gay or ugly you look crying. (Bleh:p I'm not trying to say you look gay & ugly) Put down that man pride and cry XDD

Random Stuff:

I was talking to Sara on msn about getting a Caucasian boyfriend is better than a Asian one cos all their babies are cute. Then Larry asked me this question:

Larry: Why does Sho look so angry?
Me: Because he heard my conversation with my friend on not marrying him. ((:


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