Smap & Domyouji & Sho

I'm gonna miss this bunch of guys so much even though I can see their solo works.
Now, I want to see the Nakai and Ohno fight so much, *rush to find utaban*
KimuTaku drama, after "Change" I want to see him in another one.
Shingo!! I miss that guy so much. Shingo MaMa~ He will be always be my top favorite in JE.
Kusanagi. I did watch "Sinking of Japan" but I didn't really like it.
Goro. Him(: All I can say is omedetto on your marriage. Tell your fiancee I'm gonna watch "Tomorrow" soon once I find the time.

They suit each other ne~

I regretted not watching HYD 1 & 2 before I watched the movie. Now I miss it so much, the Saturn necklace, the kiss before Domyouji went to New York and everything...
note to self: I'm gonna watch it after O's !! Go buy the DVD !!
You know you love Tsukasa so much you want to get it fast :p

The more I see Elvin Ng the more I think he look likes Jun. The eyebrows and the eyes. But he doesn't have the X-factor Jun has. ELVIN NG CAN'T BAIT ME !!(:

FANGIRL MODE ON. (Oh, whatever my fangirl mode is always on)

Aww, how lovely is that dearest. *Throw confetti all over the place*

I need my nosebleed medicine before I start again. *Run around the house looking for it*

So this was kinda what happen. Let me just summarize it I'm too lazy to write out the whole thing :P This is just a dream meaning its fictional and it's NOT non-fictional. Get the facts right people.

Ya, we were dating!! Yes dating. I OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE I'M DATING SHO. I'M DATING AN IDOL!! HOW COOL IS THAT! (Smack!! not that really cool, when he has fangirls all around the world) But the sad thing is, they are leaving for Japan. I guess I was crying because when I woke up, my pillow was wet. I was on the verge of breaking down in my dream. Okay, so he said this "Girl, I'm leaving for tour I will only come back 3 months later" Oh, I miss him so much now. "During that 3 months, I want you to take care of yourself and I will send you a mail everyday." (You know how Japanese people don't SMS but Mail each other through phone, so I must be staying in Japan.YOSH. And he make it sound like I'm a kid who doesn't know how to take care of themselves. GRR) Then he cupped my face, OHMY his is so warm while mine is cold like hell. He bend over and he...


STUPID NINO has to interrupt that very nice moment. How I hate that guy (Oh I love him in real life. I love you Ninomiya-san) and THANKS for interrupting that so beautiful moment of my dearest and me.

"I'll be back and than we will get married." He said that. OMG OMG OMG. You are kidding right??

Bleh:P I need to stop writing before I go crazy.

Jun-baited doesn't work with HSC people??
or are they just pure blind?


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