Edited 9/9/08:
OH I'm writing nonsense!!!
I know the more i say Ignore the more you want to read write??
ugh. I'm going physic crazy.
*Throw choc cookies at everyone* Oh, look out don't get one smash in your face :P

What am I?? A Sho fan. Yup((:

I was reading Christine blog and she said that "SAKURAI SHO IS LIKE SUPER KAKOII (: " and my reaction was " Aww my husband is getting popular ne¬" (Stop it!! Can't stop :P) Then after that i went reading sumoboy LJ on Kokuritsu Con report for Sho taking out his Shirt!!! I was fainting, nose-bleeding, kyaa-ing. My little chipmunk !! I love him so much.

Let me tell you how Sho became my ichiban and maybe my love(:

Ya, so I fell in love with Arashi blah blah. I was watching A.ra.shi and notice Sho. "OMG the rapper is super super cute!!" but at that time Jun was taking over my heart. TOTALLY !!! I always wanted to watch a Jun solo, dramas. I was at the initial and final stage of my Jun-baited course. The course to know Arashi more. I was cheated to get into this fandom and see my money fly away as simple as ABC. I still remember that video "Arashi in Hawaii". How lovely that video is. The more I see that rapper guy in that video, the more i started falling in love with him. The more I read up about him, the more things started going the right way. He was so my type of guy.

- He has a good education (ticks)
- His funny (ticks)
- He cares (ticks)
- He knows how to rap (ticks)
- He loves his family (ticks)
- He know how to handle money (ticks)
- He loves his friends (ticks)
- He knows English (ticks)
& last of all his too SEX Cute(: (ticks)

Conclusion: I love this guy.

Wait !! My story doesn't end here. I started watching all the dramas from Arashi. All the drama to catch up for Jun & Nino, Yamada Tarou Monogatari one of my favourite up till now. I was totally into Mimura. I love this guy so much <3 Mimura just took away not only my heart but my soul. OMG i'm being too Mushy.

And I do have my suspicions on whether Sho is really my ichiban. It was that time when my heart has been confirmed. Ohno famous time, Freestyle. I was liking this riida more and more. Everyday I heard news about him and everyday he show me how talented he is. I love talented guy including our OHNO SATOSHI. Sho was left aside for a while (I pity this poor guy). When I went back to watching Sho, seeing his pictures, I confirmed he was definetly the one. Totally the one. THE ONE(:

Ya so now I love Sho with all my heart <3
But, Arashi still lies deep down taking up 100% of my heart XDD


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