Oshareism; News Zero; AnS

Oshareism: Sakurai Sho(:

This picture got me so excited for a while.~~~~~
Aiba i so want to squish you for giving sho that shirt !

What kind of person collects so many cd.
I bet 1/4 of it consists of Arashi CDs & Dvds

I so want that lar!!!!
4 baby tooth waiting for me...

News Zero: 080825

New Haicut and he look cute wearing the 24hr t-shirt.

AnS: 20080825

This week is spicy food and it's one of the funniest episode of AnS.
With the spicy food, too bad it wasn't spicy enough for Sho to go up to the time when he can take off his jacket. You can see the dorky newscaster. he was so being serious in News Zero only a few minutes ago and here in AnS his going all dorky and baka !!

Aiba glaring at Ogu-san !!! ^^

Husband calling ler must listen.

Kowaiiiii *shake head*

Aiba *hi-5*
Don't look at me like that!! I do that too whenever my gums hurt so much!

No! No! Is possessed by Domyouji !!!

Spicy!! You can see the chilli powder la..

LOL !!!
This is what happen when you give Sho spicy food!!

Aiba you are being a bad friend!! Just let him drink~~

Poor Aiba..

Oops. Lao Po angry ler lah.

Don't let sho drink anything when you are about to say something funny !!

YATTA !!!!!!!!!!!!
Arashi is Alive photobook !


Ya new LJ for ranting and commenting !!!

I saw HYDF Cm on TvMobile for 2 times already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yatta !!!
8 more days to HYDF !!!!!!!!!!!!
22 more days to Kurosagi


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