I was suppose to blog about this a few days ago but my lazy worm just had to bother me so much.

S$45 is worth it!! Really worth it!!! It's super heavy but according to Carine it's not as heavy as a Harry Potter Fan.

I seriously wish I was one of the audience in the 5 dome tour. You get to see so many interesting thing lives in front of you but Kokuritsu was more awesome. I adore Japanese fans but they make me so jealous. They get to see Aiba split his pants.

Okay, back to topic I was am suppose to say about Arashi is Alive 5-dome tour photo book by Men Non-No. Since I have nothing to say about this photo book because it's too amazing I'm gonna list out my favorite pictures.

Warning: LONG LIST !!

  • Con Rehearsal (Of course, this would be so wonderful.)
  • Move your Body Solo Pictures. (Ohno look maximum kawaii in that black white photo. I love black white photos)
  • Nino and his flowery costume. (He look like a potential gardener to me! Nino take care of all those flowersXD)
  • Take me faraway Pictures. (Who can resists those.)
  • Hip Hop Boogie with Sho normal hand. (Yes, my dear. I think it was Nagoya or Kyocera concert. It must be. I love seeing his useless muscle.)
  • Hello Goodbye (Ever since Suppin concert I've never seen Aiba played a harmonica until DAL. & now they have a picture of it)
  • During Tokyo Dome, when they celebrated Nino Birthday. (OMG(: One of my favorite picture, I think they had 24 candles on the cake. They give him presents. The magician hat, bow tie, moustach, wand and a rose. Yes, Nino is 24!)
  • Sho injured hand with a cast. (He have his dear to take care of him ne~ Seeing it make me feel so worried for my chipmunk)
  • Ohno's freestyle with the word Satoshi behind (It was obvious totally taken from freestyle)
  • Jun's Shirt that reads "Pick Me, Pick Me, Oh Yeah" (Jun has the wierdest shirt that read the wierdes word)
  • Half Naked Nino (hahahaha XDD Nino's bag has a pin that say I heart game. Gamer ne~)
  • Shotoshi Rabu Rabu (I love the Yama Pairing so much)
  • Sho brushing his teeth (After watching that video, Sho brushing his teeth has become one of the hottest and sexiest thing ever)
  • Sho eating soba with a fork because of his cast (Your wife is here to feed you :P)
  • Nino with his cards (Everywhere he goes it must be with him)
  • Men Non- No birthday cake for Nino
  • Gimmick Game (But they didn't really show Nino licking himself D:)
  • Naked (They make Jun look like Kami-sama)
  • Caterpilla Shirt (Them wearing the caterpilla shirt while they are sweating make it look so nice)
  • Pastel Colour Costume (The one where Aiba split his pants during Kokuritsu Concert :D I lvoe that picture. They look so happy especially Aiba!)
  • Arashi solo picture with message (They all look so kakoii~~)
  • Last group picture (Ohno unbutton all his shirt and u can see his abs, Sho did it too! But stupidly he had to face towards Nino so its not obvious!)

I love that song so much!

Thx Yuckie-chan for the picture((:

Remeber the Sho-kiss-me-dream?? Read it, it's just the post below. I had a sequel for it. I love my dreams but sometimes they are so real to think that it did happen. Creepy,

The dream ended with Sho proposing and then leaving off for Concerts for 3 months.

Few Years later,

I was cleaning the house (Well, anything could happen) and there was this boy sitting on a sofa playing a Nitendo DS that looks like Nino's DS.(He look like my kid, he is right? Yup, I think so) I shouted at him "SAKURAI SHUN, STOP PLAYING YOUR GAMES AND GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK." Then he slowly went into his room. I was cursing under my breath 'Damn Nino, for influencing my kid so much.' (Why do I seem to hate Nino so much. PQ !!!)

Sho walk out of the master bedroom with a very messy hair like the one he had in Honey & Clover. "I woke up and heard you shouting at Shun, what happened?" He asked me. "You go ask that son of yours, been playing game the whole day. Why doesn't he take your hardworking?" He was laughing than he hugged me then he kissed me. (WTF, does he have to kiss me again?) My shirt was already all the way up when .....

Shun had to go "DADDY!! MOMMY!!!"

What would you do if your child saw you kissing like this. I was super embarrased and quickly straighten my shirt and Sho went up to him and he said "Yes, Shun what do you want?" Of everything, Shun had to say "Daddy what is that red thing near your lip??"


If i had a child like this, I don't know how to survive !!

I cross my fingers~!!


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