Belly Ring

Warning: This is not a PORN post !! IF your mind is so innocent than classify this as it. Oh, whatever!!

He did it on his 16th birthday, took it out on his 26th birthday!!
I miss the two of them. RIP (: Sho's earing and belly ring T_T

You know, I miss this so much !!!
Not the Calvin Klein !!! That little belly ring on top of it!
He looks better with the ring on top.

Warning: Pictures below can make you (maybe only me) go crazy.

Before With Belly Ring and Earring. He look so much hotter.
La Tormenta~'
"There’s a belly piercing that shines with a flash"

After, this is the valentine shot.
Pss: Sho secret was that he was my valentine date =.=
He still look SMEXY but i prefer the old him.
"Sho give me back Old SHO !!! I don't want Yatterman, I want ET." LOL Randomness rock up till my socks drop :P

Extra: Men Non-No Magazine was cho fabulous!!! Thanks Yuckie.

Now I just want to say how much I love him. Thanks babe(:
Call me on my eggplant, so we could go odoroki. Sara lame joke odoroki = dorky. Sorry girl, i don't get it !! I adore my dorky Sho that if i date him, I never want to be single again.
Conclusion: ROM rox!!

(I'm waiting for DnArashi Ep 108 to download finish)

I love my dearest Suppin member althought I don't really talk to them. Although Minty isn't part of the group already, I still treat her part of my suppin family!

I love my timer!! Sara!! I'm surprised at how well both of us can communicate and understand each other. She's from the other side of the world where I probably won't get used to it. She's older than me. She's into the beach and I'm into the city. But, I just seem to love her much. Ya I treat her as my elder sister who totally into the same fandom as me.

I promise a asian boyfriend for you XDD

Remember to collect shells and send it to me for christmas 8D

(Off downloading this week HnA at clubbox)

BLEH :P This is totally freaking me out !!!
I was waiting for my pictures to be post up, so I went to Aibakaland to read fanfictions. Let me tell you, their fanfiction there I just totally <3 it. They make me put so much feeling. I hate Sho in fics, love Nino in fics. No wonder Nino my ni-ban now. He move up from the 4th to 2nd in a month!! Thanks!! I just can't resist his cuteness.

Back to topic, so I was reading Hanakotoba Wa Ai No Kotoba (The flower Language is the Language of love) I love Choshi so much<3
Her latest update was how Tachi that retarded bitch was trying to steal Sho away from Yuri!!! I hate Tachi so much. Ya then there were no sex scene but phrases to leading to sex scene. Argh!Please. So I went back to my pictures I cannot CANNOT stop looking down. That H mode is totally go into me~!! Tasukete!

So I was surving that 3 pictures.

I need to sleep soon.


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