Maou Ep 11 ): Final Episode.
RIP Naruse Ryo and Serizawa Naoto.
Watch finish Maou already. I really pitied Naoto in this episode. First his brother committed suicide, then his father had a heart attack. My first tear drop because of him. Then it started flowing after I saw Ryo got stab. OMG I hate that psycho guy forever. How dare he stab Ryo!
After Maou is Ryuusei No Kizuna(: Get to see Nino and Nishikido Ryo(: I hate Toda Erika ever since HYD2. How dare she break up Makino and Tsukasa. I'm only watching Ryuusei No Kizuna because of Nino and Ryo, definetly not her but I'm curious with the storyline.
Can't wait Can't wait Can't wait.

For those people who can't take blood the picture below, it is advised to skip it. =D

Ryo ):

If anyone happens to go to Japan and happen to meet this guy, PLEASE help me kill him. His a big murderer kill Ryo and Kasai. His psycho.

This remind me of Ohmiya and Sakuraiba so much.
Ohno look cho cute here(:

See totally remind. Bleh :P My mind is totally filled with Arashi now. THANKS :D

I need to say about this pairing. Sakuraiba.
My favourite pairing with Ohmiya closely following behind. Sakuraiba is one of my favourite because Sho is inside they have a very close brotherly or father-son relationship. My baby has grown to be more open is all thanks to Aiba. Without Aiba, my baby won't be so dorky and lovely. I better stop calling Sho my baby if not some people would complain so much T_T. I still love my baby.

Tell me why, take me faraway~
I love all of Ohno's solo but this is definetly one of my favourite followed by Top Secret(:

Sometimes I totally HATE taking the MRT !!!
I nearly ended up in the hospital today!!!

First incident. I know the MRT is crowded so it's okay if you push here push there. But, PLEASE see who is behind you before you start moving backward and see who is in front of you before you start moving forward. Do you know how irritating is it when without a reason you ALMOST sprain your ankle. The MRT was super crowded and this guy behind me and this lady in front of me at the same time, one move in front the other move behind and it make my body shifted and stupidly my leg just turn so fast that it nearly sprain. GRR!!

Second incident. So I was putting my hand in front of me and this uncle wanting to let the other passenger get down, move behind with his bag nearly cracking my left hand bone. Hello, DANGEROUS eh!!

Third incident. Do I look like a pole to you?? There was this lady that was gonna get down so she left her seat and wanted to hold the pole to balance herself and she was trying to grab the nearest thing toward her and she ALMOST grab my ear. Luckily she realise it fast before grabbing my ear. If she did, I totally don't know what to do.

If my ankle got sprained, my left hand bone crack I don't think I will be sitting down now and blogging happily =D But my left hand still hurt and half of this post is written with only my right hand ):


I need to say this.

I was standing beside this 20++ year-old guy who look like Tsubasa of T&T. Even if his not Tsubasa, he look exactly like him. I must be dreaming. Indeed. The way he dresses up, the way he walks look like Tsubby. You know idols no matter how dark it is, they must always wear a cap and he wears a cap and he wear it really low. If his not Tsubby he must be some famous guy. wow =) Idols make me feel that they walk really fast. I also don't know why I think that. Ya he walk really fast!!
LOl maybe I think too much ^_^


I wish you forever happiness(:

I started this at 7:42 ended at 10:09. LOl.


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