Went out to study with Mrs. Ohno today!!!
I completed POA Paper 1 from TYS and F&N.
My whole mind was thinking about Sho while I was reading up F&N notes! Hubby if you want me to score well for exam then don't keep appearing. I see you everyday so I no need to see you every time. I need my space too =D

Pictures taken with Julia & me. (Why no Arashi today, right? Wait.)
I guess we finally took a proper picture. ^^

Near the sky train. Julia's phone.
OMG stupid Mario i need to do my teeth soon!

My phone. She look Jap on my phone.

Near the fountain at T3. I love T3 so much cos it's quiet(:

My phone. Ya, she really look Jap while I look =.=

I miss Sho-kun.

(Watching fanclub clip)

MINTY ARIGATOU. Since you lurk around here, THX SO MUCH. The fan club clip was nice, funny(: No wonder Arashi is my favorite. I love this bunch of 5 guys =p

They talk about Arashi Around Asia 2, One Love, Maou, Beijing Olympic. Like what minty say my man is doing most of the talking(: Ohmiya molested Aiba together. OHNO CALLED NINO, KAZU-CHAN. LOl i'm overreacting. Sho being so embarrased. Cho KAWAII!!! Then they played truth. =D (^_^)

& the man shall do CHESTO :D

Watch this in high quality. It's better.

Remember I told you about going to a Natsumuri last month. We did the Bon Odori dance on Rasa Sayang Hey. I was searching for a Bon Odori video this morning cos I was missing Bon Odori so much and I found this video. At the bottom right of this video spot a person wearing a yukata and a red sash. SPOT IT? THAT'S ME. OMG I WAS CAUGHT ON TAPE DOING BON ODORI. Carine if you saw this, you are also inside!


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