I can't seem to stop watching 流星の絆 [Ryuusei No Kizuna] Cm. TBS quickly show!! Why cannot be tomorrow?? I miss not able to catch 魔王 [Maou] live seeing Ryo and Naoto fight.

Nino version.

Ryo version

It's seems that Toda has fallen in love with their enemy's son. I hate Toda Erika ever since she acted in HYD2 as Yuki-chan. I almost smashed my computer. I hope I don't do it this time round. I'm biased so I prefer Nino version of Ryusei.

I want to get DAL Dvd just because of this!! Maybe a little bit of Sho dear. GIMMICK GAME!!!!
Please lar Ninomiya Kazunari do you know just because of you licking yourself I have a loss of few buckets of blood. Sho-kun ごめんね.
DAL and AAA dvd quickly come out!!!

I was telling Christine that if Sakuraiba dated I wouldn't mind at all but sometimes when I see them get to close to each other my mind will be like "Aiba his my man." Sakuraiba just look so good together X3.
*points to the picture above* Aiba look like Sho's girlfriend.

Subarashiki Sekai(:
I love leenoux videos esp "Be with you"

This is a little song, a tiny song~


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