Run So High

The theme of the festival for Waseda Shibuya High School. It means how we cheer ourselves up. Their open house was fab even though I didn't do much thing. I can go in for free and earn myself a sweet. WHEET! Ikemen-seeking was successful cos I spot someone who look like Toma. uwaa~! Japanese guys are still the cutest!
Sorry Larry!! Even though I think someone gonna take his revenge :P

*credits to Larry!

Credits to Shanghaigirl of LJ

I miss Sho-chan so much x3 His like the oxygen I need.
Minty arigatou for the Sho pic spam. As usual my baby will always be the best !!!!!!!!! But you just killed me for a few minutes.
To tell the truth, I nearly cried the moment I flipped through AIA photobook and saw this picture. I was asking my self "Sho-chan nande?" At least Aiba was beside him all the time. "Aiba take care of my man for me while I'm not around(:"

The yamadatarou pairing. I love nino face over here!

*credit: yuckie-chan
Okay, Nino.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is the reason why I love Cut pictures of Arashi so much. They make Arashi smexy, smoking hot!!
Nino keep this broom hairstyle (Not the DAL) forever and I'm gonna be Nino-fied forever.
Note to self: Don't fall into Nino-love-me bait.
but the more I see this picture the more I think he look cuter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Watch out for Sho before typing this*

I wanna Nino be my boyfriend in "To take a chance".

Seeing you smile, it makes my heart beat faster and faster. It makes me feel like I could take on the world. I’ll protect you. My heart will be yours for as long as I live.

- Nino.

*credit to Shodrive of Aibakaland.

This was the note he wrote for Natsuko. Total Jealousy. If someone wrote this too me, I don't know what my reaction will be. IF Sho wrote this I will fly straight to Japan.

It's only 11:11pm and its feels like 1:11am. I'm lacking of sleep and I haven't been able to catch up with Arashi stuff recently. I'm too lazy to do do it.

I need to go to sleep soon cos Sho is waiting for me on my bed :P


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