Because it's Sho!

Pretty? Elegant?

The Fujitsu V1020 (V-series).

I'm sooooooooooooooooooo want to get this laptop. And is Made in Japan (MIJ)

Nov 6 here I come. 11 more days :D

I copied paste from my LJ because I'm lazy.

I watched au BOX Cm yesterday. Using the wallpaper now.
The first thing that came into my mind ^^ *evil laugh* Can I wake up next to Sho-kun every day? My baby always look like a cute little baby.
One thing that I don't understand. Why is Nino watching a Disney movie. I can understand if it's Superman but why is it 2 deers walking which totally remind me of Bambi.

I'm trying to promote the au BOX because it's nice. The new collection of KDDI au phones for autumn and winter are also very nice.

I want Sho's Aquous phone. Cho kireii. They got blue, pink and black.

One day!! T_T


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