Yesterday Arashi no shukudai-kun was Hentai??
Screw TVU and at least i get to watch 3/4 of AnS and go crazy about News Zero saying something about Asean & Singapore. Yes, say more...
This week guest, you have seen her in 1 of the episode of AnS, HnA.
Still Can't guess??

Okay Clues...

- She's a girl (OMG, i don't know much about that)
- She's a friend of Megumi
- Her Oppai are Big...

& she's Haruna Ai.
She don't look like this in the past...
Okay, she did a sex change!! From a boy to a girl..

Ogu-san why do you have to ask her who's her favourite member in Arashi...
ps. I think ohmiya look extremly cute here!!! Feel the love between them...

Now, you know the Ans.
Look like chipmunk look a bit shock with her answer.
I know how you feel, being loved by someone who use to be a guy...

The hotter the better!!
Cos i get to die 848038328945978549745 times with Sho taking off his jacket.
Nah, he doesn't have one today. I want the muscles!!

& his feeding her...
He has to go all AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH just to feed her.
which results in this:

Oishii <3
then resulting in this:

Daijyoubu Sho-kun?


Aiba, Nino congrats them!!

Aiba is scared someone steals his food.
He reminds me of Zemin.
Eat slowly, the food is all yours.. Douzo.!

& jun has to remind him to be prepared to be a boyfriend!!

& he look so lost... which make him look much cuter!

She's going on a diet because of him??
With this kind of guy, a girl could do anything.

The very famous NABE~!!!
I know it sounds wierd.. Don't think too much.

Aiba getting angry at Ai-chan..

Sho wiping off her sweats.
Imagine him doing that to me.. he has to wipe of my sweats adding wiping of my blood cos of excessive nose bleeding..

Atsui yo ne.
It's after all the summer.
I see thousands of sho-ichibans cursing..

She has more things than me.

Ai-chan you are now a girl, please don't that in front of National Tv.

After, Before

She look so cute when he is 11.
See how i use she and he..

She spend 600,000 on her face alone!!
Ownself, convert, tired...

1,000,000 yen on her Oppai (Breast)

Ya, she got a F Cup!!

Eww! please dont do that..

4,000,000 on becoming a eunuch. You know what i mean..

10,000,000 and more for the whole thing.. Takai!!

When there's Ai-chan there's always Aya-chan
I still don't believe what Ai-chan say.

Kawaii Sho. You failed in the 2nd time, embarassing ne!

Au KDDI caught my attention.
Red-hair Nino what are you doing????

Red-hai Sho!! I want to watch MIB with you.!

That creature look wierd with Nino standing beside "it"

Didn't go to school today.. was having gastric..and it still hurts..

Julia was telling me about Maou Rating.
Where have all the Toma fans and Arashi fans in Japan gone???
Single Rating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maou is such a good drama that it shoud't be getting single rating!!!!!!!!!!!
TVU and KH have more ratings than Japan!!!
Ganbatte Maou


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