White words:
Joining the Johnny family at the age of 12. He had done backup dancer, small lead and variety show guest. With last year [Hana Kimi] he finally have a supporting role. 24 years old, is walking towards success

In [Hana Kimi], acting as the enthusiastic but bitchy nakatsu. Loves to talk to himself, cheerful but doesn't like to lose with the cute character, but couldn't attract the lead actress mizuki, funny acting, outside the scene he have capture the hearts of thousands of fans.

In the drama, Nakatsu confessing his love tons of time, after failures striving for the best, is different from reality.

At the age of 12, his mother help him to send a resume and he has been chosen to join the johnny family but his journey as a star wasn't smooth. Ever since he was in the entertainment business, with mostly helping his senior like kinki kids, v6 for back up dancing.

Yet at the same time, people who use to play with him like Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari and Yamashita Tomhisa have already debuted and acting in lead roles.

2002, he graduated from high school and still haven't got anything to do for the future, he had wanted to give up until he acted in a butai.

"That butai was a turning point in my life. Seeing members who older than me by twice my age, happy working, i wish to be like them for acting. On the stage, seeing the audience, receiving letters from fans, this has help me feel that i'm doing something meaningful and also affecting other people important jobs.

[Hana] Succession, has led his supporting actress tole turning into a lead role. 2008, finally having a chance to act in Japan best-selling come [Honey & Clove]. [Mao
u]will also be shown during July, changing his cheerful side to a dark-sided detective.

Suddenly, everything has change but he has still no confidence for planning his future, only knowing how to work hard. "Nowadays people will ask me if i become famous will there be any change? I do not want to be famous, but only just do my best doing a job that i like. Only by working hard, then slowly will have results."

3 things that happen to Ikuta
Being a fan of Song Long Zi (Sorry don't know Jap Name), going to watch her show, when it finish he told the members that he like Song Long Zi. The other person brought her over and said "Xiao Long, Toma like you a lot." Seeing his idol, he was shocked at that time and didn't know what to do but just said "I like you alot!!"

Best Friends:
He will always play with Matsumoto Jun and Yamashita Tomohisa of the Johnny Entertainment. Going out together, they will always catch people attention, usually they won't call each other by name and using their colors to call them.

Cry Baby:
"I'm a person who like to cry, seeing sport competition and at the point of winning, i will cannot take it. I will think about the road he have walk, and his beliefs and more.:

Sorry, my translation sux and my english sux too. Cos this is a SUPER rough translation.


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