Top 10

My top 10 favourite guys ((:

Picture No. 1-5 :)
Arashi. Who can resist this 5 cute little guys that can capture your heart.
I love Aiba blonde hair, Jun looking so cute, Forever 17 Nino, Smexy Ohno, Dorky Sho.

Picture No. 6 :)

Oh my(: Seno Senora Senorita ~ My first ever favourite J-rock guy. He look prettier than me. J-rock guy look so pretty especially him and Gazette.

Picture No. 7 :)
Ikuta Toma
The one who bought me into the Johnny fandom. I love him so much in Hana Kimi :)

Picture No. 8 :)
Jay Chou
His extremly talented like nino. Okay, maybe that's why i love him so much.

Picture No. 9 :)
Luo Zhi Xiang
Him! His extremly funny on YLBFB and i love Mr. Pig. Sometimes i laugh so much till my stomach just hurts alot.

Picture No. 10 :)
The Click 5 lead singer. Can't be help geminis love lead singers.


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