So, as I promise Thursday HnA for Aiba Section XDD Ageha~Hime-sama.

Aiba on the go!!

And this is how a hime-sama look like.~

Aiba Qns: Arashi no naka de dare ga suki desu ka.
In Arashi, who's your favorite.

Her Ans: Matsujun desu <3
Aww. I love Matsujun too.

Her family approve ((:

Her room. XDD I love the big kitty face lying on the bed.

Doesn't she look like those big doll. o.o

1 bow actually cost 6200yen which is $79. Expensive !!!!!!!

Forgive me~! But I think they look like a sweet couple running away from home because both parents does not approve of their marriage. ^^

& her favorite MatsuJun calling her hime-sama coming out from a white limousine.

Kawaii Handphone

Gorgeous Nitendo DS

Hello Kitty mirror~

She wants to transform her bowl. o.o strange....

Hehehhee. Arashi in a bra shop. Those 2 must feel embarrass

Hime-sama shop~Jesus Diamante.!!

Shoes that cost from 20,000-30,000 Yen which is $255-$355!
Extremly Expensive for a pair of shoes.

Hime-sama heaven.

Hime-sama of Hime-sama. She is super kawaii.
To them she is like kami-sama.

Hime-sama crying cos she finally get to meet kami-sama.


& this is the end product of her bowl.

& when she wants to eat with that bowl <3

Yes, she still love MatsuJun <3


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