For those, who haven't watch HnA. PLEASE go and rush to watch....
I love Mummy Sho and Daddy Ohno.
Screencaps(: *ting is addicted to screencaps*

They were trying to make the baby smile. ((:

Wierd face XDD

This is her reaction. =.=

This little girl is so cute. She was crying halfway then she yawn.


Family photo. Daddy Ohno rubbing the saliva off.

*Smack Sho* How can you complain that she is heavy? She is only a baby with tons of baby fats.

So the baby won't let off. Awkward Position Sho.

Daijoubu. You still look kakoii

Ohno-san dearest~

oO. Asleep?

Hai~! Deep Sleep. It's cho kawaii.

The half-asleep-half-awake Ohno.

How can this cho kakoii riida, fliming-Maou, 28 years old guy look so cute wearing silky aapron.


Apparently, they love pinching her face.

Family Photo 2

Her Rejection to bathing.


Family Photo

I love her hair. She should let down not tie up.

Somehow, my favorite facial expression of Ohno.

Family Photo

I want to be her right at that moment!~ Kawaii~

& this is what you get for letting Sho gel your hair. Messy Hair

I promise, Aiba and agemasu will be done tmr/today XDD


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