One Love Screencaps

One love screencaps for my love one.
Don't say i not good to you all.

The main point is not Ohno but the CHURCH behind it. I want to get marry there.
I can't stop looking at ohno.


First up, the lead actor MATSUMOTO JUN

Next the baka yet cute one, AIBA MASAKI

The keio-boy-who-is-bad-at-sports, SAKURAI SHO

Next, the getting ready for Maou riida, OHNO SATOSHI

Next, the forever ageless guy, NINOMIYA KAZUNARI

Now turn to your left <-----. Yes, very good.

Another Solo Picture

Prince Nino XD

Prince Aiba XD

Prince Sho XD

Prince Jun XD

Prince OhnoXD

Can u see that.!!! JunXAiba Yama Couple.

ShoXToshi. KYAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~

Now, face the front and hand on top of each other shoulders. O.O
*Nose Bleed*

Photo((: Can i cut off this put inside a photo frame and put beside my bed??

Sakura Sakae XDD. Arashi SHOUL NOT be farmers.

Now, look right ---> Yes, good good.

You can turn now. Eh...Why are u all not turning?

ShoXtoshi.!! Can you see???

Amazingly, Arashi lives on top of a cake.

百年生も。愛を誓うよ 君わ僕の全てさ

信じている ただ信じてる  同じ時間を刻む人へ


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