Dim Sum~

Had Lunch at Red Star Restaurant.
I was glad i didnt had dinner ytd bcos i was stuffing my stomach with all those delicious food.
There was 11 of us

Over here, the waitress/waiter push this tray around like how u see in HK drama.
Their pay is on commision and it depends on how much they can sell.

The first food that i went to grab cos it was nearest to me

You have to totally guess what is this.
Clue: it 2 different kind of food mix together
For Ans, highlight this sentence: prawn sugarcane

Jacob the king of eating for today.

This is my first time trying chicken feet!
I tell you it was damn delicious with the black pepper

Shark fins dumpling & I got 2 XDDDDDDDD

Eiffle tower?

Something u shld nvr miss out in a dim sum

The most important thing of all
Peking Duck.

And theres a method for you to eat.
First, spread the sauce on this egg, put a piece of duck, vegetable and spread the sauce again. Fold it or roll it and there you have it

Total no of chops: 42 (total no. of plates)


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