Exam,; Cinderella 3


My 2 most compulsory subjects maths & science is so dead.

Cinderella 3 <33
A Twist in Time
just watch fanvids on cinderella 3.

So here's a summary of what actually happens:
Cinderella Fairy God mother lost her wand and was found by Anastasia (Cinderella Step Sister) and then the step-mother. So the step mother got hold of the wand and blah blah.
So everyone knows that cinderella was fated for that shoe right?
BUT the step mother did some magic and anastasia fit the shoe instead of cinderella. And she did some magic on the STUPID prince charming which make him totally forgotten about cinderella. Then cinderella got send to some place faraway.
The STUPID prince charming found out so went to save her and in the end got married.
Happy ending right??
No!!!! the step mother change anastasiainto cinderella and lock cinderella in some place.
BUT anastasia i love her so much.
She regretted it and since cinderella save her from the step-mother so she decided to return the prince to cinderella.
AND they lived happily ever after.

MY 5 prince charming:


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