Exams, Dream-A-Live


I didn't use sho-chan but i can do SS.
BUT i studied.
The outcome of studying so kids study more!!
The question I predicted came out.
Liting is happy today cos she managed to finish her SS exam XD
Reki is happy because he has gotten tickets to Dream-A-Live Con 8D
Julia is happy cause this is the first time she completed 80% of A-maths paper :D
Everyone is happy. Happy Happy Tanoshii~

Speaking of DAL,
i want to thank Reki so much.
Arh you are like the best Arashian I've ever met
Chopsticks~Chopsticks here I come XD
Yes, Haha of all things over Uchiwas, PenLight, T-shirts i want the Chopsticks.~
Chopsticks are a heavely gift from Arashi to remind you of them when you are eating.

Okay, need to go back and stare at my Maths & Chemistry Paper cos they do kill you.

A nino a day keeps the docotr away(((((((:


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