Finished my Geography, POA paper 2 and English last week.
Having Social Studies and Chinese Paper 1 today.
Its today right since the time is 1:14am
7 more hours later its my Social Studies paper. God please bless me. 4 more days to endure of Hell.
Sho-chan i really need your brain now.

I want to go SHOPPING~~
i want go E-HUB to watch movie and go karoke-ing at KBox.
I want to Cut My Hair
I want go sit SINGAPORE FLYER not the one at E-HUB
I want Dream-A-live con good esp the chopsticks.
They want us to think of them while eating but i do think of them while I'm eating.
Me: Your sho-chan is on my chopstick(:
Mum: Lend me see~

I watch Arashi Summer Time Concert for 5times or more and I still can't get enough of it
I still kyaa over the same song...
the same solo...
the same suspenders...
the same red sofa...
the same piano & specs...
the same MJ Walk...
the same dance steps...
Crying at Be with you with Aiba Speech
Fainting at Love Situation
Nino Little Prank on Chinen
Ohmiya SK kiss and Ohno little touch
Numerous Numbers of Encore.

I'm gonna stop here if not I can't stop.

Cute hubby for you(:


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