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Here i am again. I love to blog. Blogging give me freedom and a way to express my fangirlish mood. Although i go KYAA~ at home sometimes.

Something that i should be pround off.

相葉雅紀; Aiba Masaki

This genki boy. How should I really describe him? The first I knew before Jun. That video i could never ever forget. Tensai Shimura Dobutsen in Singapore Jurong Bird Park. Aiba you really need to buck on your english words. Say something except "Danger Danger". You improved everyone saw it to "Cuticle" HAHHAHA XDDDDDDD I love your Engrish so much.
Aiba-chan ne~ the most hyperactive guy that you will ever met. His hyperactiveness is not a character that everyone can really understand but yet his the weakest one of all. He makes me cry so much in his letter to Arashi members and Be with you. So, lets cause a storm throughout the world ne~ Your fans will never forget this sentence.

ps. i love Mrs Aiba<3>

松本潤; Matsumoto Jun

My total Jun-baited. Although I knew aiba first i was Jun-baited by Domyouji Tsukasa and Sawada Shin. Everything just happen to seem like yesterday when i came across HYD and just spending my sleep just to watch MakinoXTsukasa Rabu Rabu. How could i love someone with such a permy hair and a braggy 'I own the world' attitude. Big thanks for bringing me into the Arashi fandom was like a miracle that just happens to me.Although the youngest, yet his the most mature member of all. You truly loves Arashi most, with everything that you have done from planning the concert and dedication towards Arashi. No wonder they call u the jun-baited, the guy who just baits us. Remeber even though Ohno & Sho takes a big space in my heart but deep down inside there is a place just vacant for you my first ichiban XD.

ps. i love Mrs Jun <3

二宮和也; Ninomiya Kazunari

Nino one was supposed to be Yellow, you all couldn't see i had to change to orange.
The one that i knew the last. You weren't anything to me back then until i watch Yamada Tarou Monogatari (YTM). Who is this little cute guy with a puppy eye. The nxt KimuTaku like u always say nino. I agree with you. Saigo was fantastic in Iwo Jima. You all must be wondering what can this little kid still do? He can compose songs, play the guitar, piano and what will can u still play. The music talent, acting talent and everything. He is one extremly TALENTED GUY!!! With that little attitude of you, the little prince attitude I love you more!!! Nino lend me your DS ne~?
ps. i love Mrs Nino <3

大野智; Ohno Satoshi

What can i even say about him. The anti-social who can be a singing master, dancing god and a fabulous art sculpture. You so caught my attention this year with freestyle and butais. This guy is extremly talented. I love searching up on Top Secrets, Song for me cos i can stare at them the whole day without even moving at all. Ohno ichiabnner right? This guy can stare into space for hours, love fishing, love Nino, mecha Kawaii but yet he is so wonderful so perfect. He loves his mom so much his every mom's dream. Lets talk about your artwork, sculpture, how long have you been doing it, its fabulous i just want to buy it let it stand on my table and proudly say "DONE BY OHNO SATOSHI". You are definetly 2 people combined into 1 not just 2 normal working adulys but a talented guy and a space out guy who love Ramen so much. They match so well. You are so worth being my ichiban.~

Ps. i love Mrs Ohno <3

櫻井翔; Sakurai Sho

I caught him in YTM first as Mimura-kun and i was wondering who's this cool guy that i'm seeing right now.(Hahah sorry gwendy) The member that I really respect the most. The first one to graduate from University. Keio University one of Japan most prestigou university considered an Ivy League. You make everyone believe that you can be part of the entertaiment industry yet be some Albert Einstein who graduates with a Degree in Economics. I love news, world news whatever news that you have because of you. But the other side of you i love ure Hentainess in rapping. You are the best rapper in Johnny your words are full of wisdom. You are like the leader for Arashi but yet remain as member of Arashi. You conduct your standards extremly well not just in front of the camera but also backstage. Sho i love your jokes because your laugh in extreme contagious. But sometimes it fail and that makes you even more funnier XD But, sho-kun do something with your muscles, they are not for show & tell.

Ps. I love Mrs Sho <3


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