Time con part 2

Love Situation by Arashi

Jun, you are one little brainic guy. Who could have thought of a moving stage. The whole Johnny is doing it, even DBSK. Back to the song, my favourite parts are always the solo. Nino with his heart. Ohno with his voice and futari. Sho with rapper look. Was Aiba acting cute there? No need he look so cute. Aiba-chan is always kawaii. Jun with that word. The word i dont mind repeating the whole day.


Iidase naku temo kamawanai nan te


Koitsuru chikara ni kanawanai n jyanai?


(Sono me wo) Kokoro ni nokkereba

そう それが二人の近道だから

Sou sore ga futari no chikamichi dakara


Sunao na kimochi wo sarake dashi


Aisuru koto wo akirame nai

始まってく 自分なりに少しずつ

Atsumatte ku Jibun nari ni sukoshi zutsu


Chikaduki tai

They know it. They knew their fans love it. You can see the whole concert hall screaming just because of Chikaduki tai.KYAA~~~~ *Fangirl mode on*
Jun muscles is going to like Chipmunks one. Lets hope he does something useful with it.

Yabai-Yabai-Yabai by Matsumoto Jun

MJ WALK!!!!! He did it for more that 2 minutes. The youngest yet the most creative. I can't wait for DAL Jun's solo Naked. Neki~Neki~

Picture again(: Junjun



I love their all their solos in this concert too : D
& love situation was one my favorite in the time album :D
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Chikaduki tai!!! That´s the part I love so much as well. I could watch over and over again! Their solos are awesome in this song. I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I was there, I would scream the most from all.
Crazy fangirl; KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
  • 2010-01-13 01:17
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