Time con part 1

Niji- Ninomiya Kazunari

One of my favourite all time Nino's solo. Rainbow. Who can make a grand piano look so good beside him? Who can wear specs and yet be so attractive at the same time? Ninomiya Kazunari. He wrote the lyrics of this song while Tada Shinya wrote the tune. Tada Shinya was the one who wrote koe & life goes on is DAL album. (off-topic: DAL hit #1 in billaboard JapanXD) This performance was speechless, the song is really beautiful. I can't wait for gimmick game!

Off-topic.! Let me fangirl on gimmick game first.
Nino Why? Breaking up with ohno. I still want Ohmiya Sk to come out. Rabu Rabu. Doki Doki.
Gimmick game was well written. nino you are just so EXTREMLY TALENTED.

i will put 2 of my favourite songs from time con nxt time.
Ja ne~

ting signs off doing her name in arabic. Thx puffy <3>

Picture for you all:

i got this from rei but credit to whoever did this


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