How can I be a good journalist when i didn't even went for the Journalist talk ))):

But you know you can't blame me or maybe you can.
It's at Suntec and starts at 10am. Means I have to wake up at 9 when I reach home at nearly 12pm.
Okay, I have my reasons for reaching home late. Work Afternoon shift yesterday and it ended at 10:30pm.
Yesterday was really tiring and fun. At least in the end my float did balance(: Sundays are always busy. It was so busy that Yoshida-san our Store Manager had to help. Mediya people are really really nice. We had alot of senpai-kouhai bonding too. One of senpai even offered to help me cook but she will charge me student price. But she charge other people the normal price. Her food is really nice so I don't really mind.
&&&& Medi-ya people really know how to bao yang. I mean my senpai who was working with me yesterday was 32yo and she looked like 24, 25 y.o. Vivian is like nearly 40 but she look so young. Teach me!!~!~!
I manage to use abit of Japanese on Wed with Yoshida-san.
Yoshida-san: Whats your name
Me: liting
Yoshida-san: Muzukashii
Me: Watashi wa Nihongo benkyoshimasu
Yoshida-san: Subarashii
Only abit.

I will come back with more updates on Mediya. Going K-box with Nat now.
A.ra.shi A.ra.shi for dream~!


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