Princess Diaries

I'm just so happy~! I waited for it to be open at the library so I could read it. I was at borders and I found it. I was really happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDD Sadly, I didn't read finish it but at least I know half of the story. I'm like WHAT?! throughout the story.

1) MICHAEL BROKE UP WITH MIA. Omgosh can you believe it. Michael is the best boyfriend the whole world got. Somehow I don't blame Mia for the break up.

2) J.P broke up with Lily. I think this was in Book 8 but I can't really remember.

3) Lily and Mia quarreling. Lily won't even talk to Mia. JP says Lily jealous of Mia.

4) Mia getting depression! She went for therapy. Poor Mia

3) J.P confessed he LOVE Mia. I somehow thought they would end up together when they first met. J.P the guy who hate corns. He REALLY hate it.

Lily making out with some Muay thai guy which happens to be Kenny. So Lily must be dating Kenny. But she likes JP right??

6) Lana and Mia are HANGING OUT. This is totally OMGosh! They even went to a bra shop together. Mia grew froma 34B to a 36C. Wait why am I talking about this.

I don't know who created the I hate Mia thermopolis site. I think is Lana. I never like that girl to begin with. I mean it was Josh that idiot who wanted the money. & MIA IS NOT A BOYFRIEND STEALING BYOTCH!

The funniest thing was Kenny exploding the whole Chem lab. Lucky JP confessed to Mia before it explode and Tina was saying how JP shouldn't be near the experiment because when JP finally confessed the solution coincidentally exploded. Tina has really got great theory. Nothing happen to Mia all thanks to JP but Mia was kinda rude when she ask JP to go away cos he was squeezing her. So Kenny got his eyebrow burnt. I was laughing so hard at that part.
Principal Gupta: Don't worry Kenny will get his punishment.
Princess Mia: Isn't getting his eyebrow burnt a kind of punishment.
I really laughed hard at this part.!!!

JP KISSED MIA AT THE LAST DATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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