Beacuse I love you

pics credit to sumoboy.

Daigo on AnS is a kill for !!!!!!!!!

If sumoboy didn't said Daigo is the grandson of a former prime minister of Japan I guess I wouldn't know. This guy is 30. OMG what do japanese eat to make them look so young? Oh-chan just turn 28 and he look young. Sho look like a school jockey that will go "Hey babe want to go out on a date with me?" *shake head & raise hand* I WANT !! His the only school jockey that I will fall in love with.

Was supposed to blog about happening in Medi-ya but I got really lazy. My throat hurts soooooooo much and I have been coughing non-stop. When I got home, i felt really really unlucky. I hit my head twice against the side of my bed and the scissors hit my toe. OUCH!
CHRISTINE BRING BACK SHO FOR ME and may you have a great trip in JAPAN.
Arashi & Tokio are loved and YAY for Smap not disbanding.
Going to parkway and orchard tommorow with Natalie. She sounds as if she's not coming back anymore. If you don't come back, I'm gonna go fly over straight to Penang and look for you! So I was thinking to go over to Kino to preorder my Arashi 2009-2010 calender which Natalie go look for her LDCH book. Then, something hit me. Liang Court has Kino right. Why don't I go the one at Liang Court to preorder!! So when they call me I can go up during my break time or whatsoever.

I'm watching TSD Sp now. The one I watched halfway at Medi-ya with Julia on Saturday. I mean it's hilarious! TSD is the only show where you can watch the true characteristic and how cute animals can actually be. Aka-chan animals are one of the cutest thing ever. When the panda started to learn how to walk. It reminded me when Aiba was in Shanghai with the Pandas, 'Cha, Shu, Men' I cried in the end of that episode when Men finally climbed up the hill. It was a big achievement for him since he didn't really had much energy. Then we have Shimuken the lion. If I ever get the chance to visit Africa I would really want to visit Shimuken! The small cute milk-drinking lion has grown up to be a meat-eater lion. & how could i forget the sealions. One of them were doing sit-ups and it was so hilarious I laughed until i had tears coming out.

Then we have the weird weird relationships between animals. This segment is with YAMAGUCHI~!!!!!!!!!! With the mother dog and the baby tiger. The tiger is even drinking the dog's milk and the dog was so protective over the tiger.

downloading part 2 now...


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