Christmas seasons

Bad Connection can kill !!
4 days without the internet!! How bad can it be. The newspaper had to just show how people can live without the TV for 2 weeks but not without the internet.

I'm becoming an 'AUNTY" now. Natalie and Carine said it. Just because I was asking Ah Kiaw whether she bought anything for her kid and Natalie heard it. Omgosh. At least I don't queue up for no reasons. At least I don't bargain for cheaper price even though it's $1.

Yesterday went out with Carine(: I'ts been a long time since we went out together. Hmm it was the time we watch Hana Yori Dango Final together then we both got really busy with my O's and her Uni stuff.

We went shopping (not really shopping) at Wisma then went to Kino then went back to Wisma to had our dinner. We ate teppanyaki!!! I like the beef teppanyaki over there!!!! Yes, I want to be in a competition with Sho and Aiba to see who eat the most XDD~! Then we went Far East to walk around since she wanted to find her Jacket and I wanted to find mine too. Can you believe I nearly fell down 5 times that day?!!!!! & I nearly sprained my ankle. Gosh! Then we walk to HMV and we saw a very big christmas tree on the way. I like orchard decorations for christmas season. ~It's the most wonderful time of the year~ HMV we watched 2 episodes of Mind your language but they suddenly stopped halfway then Carine said "Maybe they know you watch so long already." so I said "Ya from the beginning." Everybody was watching it cos it's was so funny especially the part where Mr Brown thought Sid was his father cos Sid left a baby an the orphanage steps at Jeremy street on the same day with Mr brown. But in the end that baby was a girl "You must be a Miracle Baby." &&&&& I saw something!!!!!!!! Someone would really really really like it. Then we walk back to Kino and Carine got her Ohno otakara photobook. Nino one wasn't there so I had to go Kino(Liang Court) to get it. Then we walk to Cineleisure to take our purika. It's been 3 years since I last taken one! The shop was closing already and we were cutting the purika super slow because we scared it would go out of shape. So the shop assistant got really angry and took the scissors and cut it for us. I was like "what?!" at first but I understood how she felt because who doesn't want to go home early. I like Ice creams that I ate 2 cups yesterday

The Christmas tree at Takashimaya.


I swore too myself never to sleep inside bus 29 again. I overslept and miss nearly 6 bus stop which I ended up near OCH on Monday. I called my mom cos I was kinda scared and it was already 12am. She asked me to walk to the main road and get a bus or a cab cos the place I was at was super deserted so no cab would actually pass by there. The sky was super super dark and it was really quiet. CHANGI IS QUIET AT NIGHT. She scolded me for not waiting for the bus to stop at Changi Village since it was brighter there. She asked me to wait and luckily one 29 came. I was PHEW!!!!

Can anyone tell me what is the fastest way to get to Japan without being ANA/JAL airstewardess because I know I don't have the chance. I wonder how Jamie (my cousin) become a SIA stewardess I heard from her that the auditions are really hard cos they have like few stages and alot of people fail at the 3rd/4th stage because it's really strict. I want to get into Media then maybe try to get a Japanese company and fly my way off to work in NTV/TBS. Another way is I wait for few more years to finish my JLPT exam and get a scholarship to actually study in a Japanese Uni. Then I will teach Chinese there to earn some money for myself. Keio or Waseda. Waseda is the top university in Japan and Keio is the second. So where is Toudai place??

Just one more last words.
For Jerry may God be with you.
For Larry may Arashi be with you.
For HaiSing 4Ns the whole school will be with you.
Just relax and don't panic. Scream if you think your results is good.

I'm remembering what happen last year and imagining what is gonna happen next year.



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