Yakuza Moon

I bought a new book after so long!! I don't mean magazines but I mean a real story book with words, a story and no pictures(except the cover page).
& Kino had a 30% discount so I had to grab my chance to get it. Minus $10 is a really big amount. ---> See becoming Really really AUNTY.

Yakuza Moon.
A shocking yet intensely moving first-person account of one woman's experience of growing up in Japan's yakuza society.
Born into the family of a wealthy yakuza boss, Shoko Tendo lives her early years in luxury. But labeled "the yakuza kid," she is the victim of bullying and discrimination from teachers and classmates at school, and of her father's violent rages at home. The family falls into debt, and Tendo falls in with the wrong crowd. By the age of fifteen she is a gang member, by the age of a eighteen a drug addict, and her young adulthood is marked by a series of abusive and violent relationship with men.
After the death of her parents and her over attempt at sucide, Tendo turns her life around. A pivotal moment is the decision to get tattooed: an act of empowerment that helps her take control of her life.
This is the universally appealing story of a young woman's successful struggle to escaper from a life of ostracism and a abuse, and a rare glimpse into Japan's closed yakuza world from an insider's view point.

I read through a very nice passage.

"There were some happy times. I loved hearing him say my name and having him hold me in his arms. The city always seemed dull and gray when I walked alone, but when I was with Shin, my senses were heightened. In spring, I would notice the cherry blossom petals floating everywhere on the soft breeze. In Summer, I'd hear the tinkling of wind chimes and be reminded of the times I used to sit with Mom or Dad on the porch enjoying the cool evening breeze. In fall, we'd be enveloped by the heavy scent of the golden osmanthus blossoms. In winter, if Shin called, I'd happily wait out in the streets for him, exhaling clouds of white breath, my ears tingling with the cold."

It's beautiful isn't it.



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