Aiba Masaki

To our dearest Aiba Masaki,

Boy, you're finally 26 years old.

Dec 24 is never Christmas Eve for me but Aiba birthday.

Dear Aiba,

You are the guy who make the same mistake all over again and never stop. But all we know is that, if you stop you are not the Aiba we love so much.You are the only one who will do something wrong at every concert you attend. Forgetting to take off your jacket in Time con, falling down in DAL con and splitting your pants in AAA. & that is the Aiba we love so much. You are the only one who can do the most silliest thing that one day you will be a genius because of it. Your experiments in A no Arashi is genius that no one has really ever wondered why. We love you so much because you make us understand more than what we could learn in textbooks. & try harder for mirror man. Don't give up! & we know one day you will be the first person to talk to animals in Japan. You are the only guy that can cry so much but laugh so much. You cheer up our day and we love you for it.

Your husky voice. Your laughter. Your love for animals. Your white cloak. Your blond hair. Your perm. Your dressing fashion. Your everything. & Aiba we love everything about you.

Although you will never be my ichiban but Aiba if Sho never existed I would really love you alot :D

From your fan. Liting


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