Arashi roles

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Arranged according to AMNOS.

Aiba Masaki
The father.
He gives me the impression that he will make a good father. One who knows how to pamper his kid but yet be strict with them. Instead of just being a good father, he will be a best friend. Sharing secrets, playing games together and maybe even doing the most stupid experiments together. Both of us could even bring the dog out for a walk, to the vet and buying it food to eat.

Matsumoto Jun.
Mother/ Best female friend
If he becomes my Mom does it mean he has to marry Aiba? XD~! He is the type that would really understand how does a women heart functions. With his sensitive feelings, he would able to sense out what is happening and what feelings you have been bottling inside. He will be there to talk all the gossips with you, there to dress you in the most fashionable way, there to support you and lend you a helping hand when you need one. Want the most fashionable shop in Tokyo, just ask him and he will lead you.

Ninomiya Kazunari.
The older brother.
Nino is a person I would really consider as a older brother. His the one that I can see from young trying to snatch the Nitendo DS, the video games. He will always play all sorts of prank on you while you are at home but you know he love you alot cos he will be there for you when you need to be protected. Like an older brother, he will stand up for you and scold all those baddies that have been bullying his sister. Even though his small in size to fight with the way he speaks is enough to scare them off.

Ohno Satoshi.
Best male friend.
Ohno doesn't talk much all he does is listen and stare into space. The reason he make such a good friend is because when you are down all you need is to complain, comment, scream, get drunk, flail and do all the crazy things but he will be down there accompanying you letting you do all the talking. Although he make me feel that he won't have much interest in the things you do but he will be there just for you.

Sakurai Sho
Finally I have waited long for your turn to reach. His the person that I see my future with, the person that I deeply love, the person that I can feel I can depend my life on, the person that I want to see him proposing to me, the person I will only want to see when I open my eyes, the person that will call my parents his parents one day, the person that will be the father of my kids. I see him holding my hand tightly as we walk down the streets admiring the city lights.



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