Just watched finished Aiba's Oshareism but before that while waiting for the download I went to watch Sho's Oshareism. Ichiban and Niban ^_^ Baby look forever cute with his exaggerated expressions. Aiba tension was really up and he was sweating so much. Aiba the baka you will never know how Baka is he. Sometimes I do wonder whether is there a person more baka then Aiba. Geez but I still like this guy so watch. Vivian Hsu is really pretty no wonder Aiba love her alot. Minty, I understand. Aiba and Vivian knew each other since they hosted the love show since Aiba Jr. Days. She was on Domoto Kyoudai once and Gackt talk to her. Plus Vivian can sing :D One day, One day, I want to go to Tensai Shimura Dobutsuen fliming set. That Pelican is Oshareism aka Aiba's friend was Choooo Kawaii. But if I've seem it in animal I would be screaming my heads off. People who know me would know why. I miss AnS and HnA all of a sudden. Thanks to work I've been missing so much of my stuff. 2 fandoms is really hard to handle but for them I will try my best !! I watch Mecha Ike too and the Samurai game was really funny. Ohno was the only safe one in Arashi but they had to throw him into the punishment pit and he was following what the host was doing. Angry Ohno is really cute :D URUSEI~! Even the way he tries to be crude by saying that word make me scream. Nino tension was really down when he lost. GAHH NINO! SPORTMANSHIP!!! Jun's domyouji image was gone and Sho's keio graduate image was gone too. Aiba, no matter how baka is he, we will always love him.

Medi-ya played 5 arashi songs continuously on Sunday!! GAHHHH! I caught abit of step & go ending. The crowd was so noisy that I couldn't hear anything at all. First they were playing Hikki medley then they played Arashi's medley. Step and Go, Naisu Na Kokoroiki, Love so sweet, Kittou Daijoubu and one more song. I can't recognize the other song but I know it's an Arashi song cos I recognize their voices. Arashi's voice is one of the easiest band to differentiate.

Watched Johnny countdown Concert more than 10 times.
Watched FNS more than 20 times.

Help me find songs that is from 1970's-1990's. Japanese music. I don't know the title in Romanji and it was on FNS. Oldies songs are still the nicest ever. I will do screencaps and post in on my next post.

My fanfics have moved to another blog but it's still under renovation and when I'm done with everything I will show it to everyone :DDDDD

By the way, omedetto nene into getting the top art class. Ganbatte for economics and accounts. Don't be like me failing accounts whole year long.

Was on my way to work when I nearly cried in the bus. Been thinking alot for the past few days =X I do have to think of the worst situation. What if I never get to meet him, what if I never get to talk to him, what if we never get married, what if I stop becoming a fan of him? Our future is based on the decisions we make. I want to go to Japan but the pros and cons of living in Japan, I have been analyzing them. Trying to make every full use of opportunity I have. Liting will do anything to go to Japan, I have decided to have my ANA/JAL interview at the age of 21. Wishing something good will happen this year. I'm scared to lose him.

Pessimistic is not good for your health :DDD I bought new year clothes already on Saturday.. & I change my specs too. GAH! My mom knows how to eat up my money :D I don't understand the way adults think. I can't wait for CNY. We had steamboat after than. Guo Tie was great and Chef Zhiyong did the ginger mix. POPO cutting skills are still fabulous. Trust me, if you want sweet strawberries, Korean ones are always the best :DD we played Wii AGAIN. It's addicting. JieJie bought 5 games but "Mario and Sonic at the olympic games" didn't came and it's the most fun game. We played super Mario and Joshua and Jacob were stuck at the same place for nearly 30 minutes and we were like "Let's switch to boxing!" but in the end they managed to go up to the next level. Watching Karen YiYi play boxing is hilarious. She will become like a mad woman and her hair will be all so messy. JACOB HAS NO SPORTMANSHIP! He threw the remote control. This kind of controls are super fragile. Yenting change one time already. I want to see how "Mario and Sonic at the olympic game is like"

Okay let's see what I did for New Year. I woke up, and Zhi Yong called me and lied to me. I knew he was lying cos Paul didn't went to Japan and bought Arashi stuff !!!! Paul did go to Korea and Korea has tons of Arashi stuff :D I played DJ max 2. New songs, new techniques, sotong me. Watched J-brothers (Jerry, Joshua, Jacob) played boxing against Nerdy and blackie. Nerd is the in thing ne~ Make it real when you break his glasses. HE LOOK LIKE EDWARD CULLEN cos he was super white but he wasn't shining like diamonds. I tried baseball, but I sux at batting great at throwing the ball. My speed of throwing the ball is 130km/hr. Thanks to Japanese baseball and Nino~~~~~~! Liting, ganbatte on batting. Then we did the challenge, but Jacob wouldn't let me play boxing. The bowling was fun, but against Liting don't know how to play. I like tennis/squash and I got 2 points and that was the highest score. So after that Zhi Yong brought down his mac!!! I HATE MACS BUT I LOVE THEM! Was organizing his itunes for him and I saw JIDAI. I SCREAMED!!!!!!! The whole family was there :DD He got like tons of smap, ken hirai, ayumi, tackey and tsubasa and one v6. Geez must be due to the J-wave back then. The more I hear Smap songs the more I think they can't sing. SMAP are more suitable to do other things except singing. Yenting got a very old SMAP DVD but she have to dig for it :)))) GAHH my tension is up!
After that, went to meet Natalie and Shirin at airport to send Terry, Ronny, Kane, Weiyang off to the airport cos they were flying off to KOREA. Why is everyone going to Korea. At the airport spot alot of koreans and only 2 Japanese. (Smack self: they were flying by korea air of cos alot of koreans.) There were this incident when the Obachan was rushing and her husband was walking really slow so she keep on say "Otousan~Faster" but when her husband went faster he slow down few steps later. I didn't dare to laugh at them. After then we went to eat Popeye and we talk about alot of things including Jacob's "STUPID LA" which sounded like Miss Chua.

I'm blogging backward.
New Year countdown. I had to work that day but I rushed down to Shirin's house after than and we countdown together. Tried to open the wine bottle but we couldn't find the wine opener so we gave up. We played akinator.com too and gah accurate when they guess Steve Perry. Went home at around 3am plus and talk to nene on my way home. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. and enjoy using your ipod nano.


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