I'm back to the car topic this time with the cars Arashi members actually drive. Aiba, you being friday-ed let us know how rich Arashi actually is.
I'm GOING 18, without a driving license, obviously without a car, still using bus11 to get around. Ohno we make great friends don't we. GAH, why do I need nice car when my husband own a BMW 3 series. (^_^)

The one that I'm totally not surprise at all. Every time I dream of Sho driving, his always driving his BMW car. GAH, maybe dreams really do come true sometime. I hope he got the convertible kind but knowing him he will get something like a family car. Our 2 little kids will sit behind while the parents will sit in front. Have I told you, I'm in love with black cars!!

Jun's toyota Land Cruiser. GAH the most unexpected of all. I thought he would drive a Porsche or something like this. It's all thanks to HYDF that I think he drive a sports car. But Jun you image with a Land cruiser make you feel super romantic and homey.

Mini Cooper and a PT cruiser. Nino's car. Nino I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! You don't like spending money. You're so stingy with your money! Why do you even bother to buy 2 cars. Mini using on an odd day then PT using on even days. NINO loves small cars like me. Okay, I'm in love with all kinds of car. Now Nino would remind me of Mr Bean.

Last of all, PORSCHE CAYMAN. The car which cost US$86,000. Fall down and faint. I can see myself being Aiba's daughter because when I get my driving license, daddy will be my only solution. "Daddy can you lend me your porsche tonight? Please, Pretty Please..." See!! GAH! My neighbour use to own a PORSCHE. He treat it like his baby. Something landed on his PORSCHE once and he was practically screaming. I wonder why did he even bother to sell it away. He was so proud of it because everytime a person walk by, they would stop for a while and just admire the porsche.


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