This was 10 years ago. 1999.
Arashi ~You are my soul soul~
I'm the one 2nd from the left front row. On my left is Dickshen who was 10y.old.

I realize this long ago on my mom's side of the family that I'm one of the stupidest in my family. (Maybe the most stupid)

- Zhiyong is into science (graduated from VJ now studying oversea with a scholarship)
- Mario is into dentistry which is medicine (RI, RJC student in NUS now)
- Yenting and Micheal into Account
- Leonard and Pris into design
- Paul into IT.
- Jerry got a lower 'N' lvl score than me.
- Joshua got into Express
- Jacob is taking Higher Chinese. (People might say my Chinese is strong but I don't even take higher Chinese)

Just knowing how many clever people your family have on your mother side is stressful enough and just wishing your father side isn't like this. I WAS SERIOUSLY WISHING LONG TIME AGO. God has to disappoint you so many times.

- I got 5 cousins taking medicine. (2 of them had already graduated, 2 is still studying the other one is going to start and my younger cousin is thinking on taking medicine)
- 2 cousins in commerce. Both are siblings, the younger one is taking an extra Chinese diploma
- I have one cousin, who is taking 10 subjects and she got all A1. (GAH :DDDD SHE WILL BE THE TOP 'O' level or 'A' level student if she study here.


So I went to meet with my dad's elder brother (Is it da jiu?) We chatted from 9plus to nearly 12. MY MOM MESS UP MY AGE. She was saying that my cousin is bigger and older than me then I told her "18 not old meh?" and she said "YOU NOT EVEN 17" OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!?? She thought I was 16. ARH, where has my real mom gone. We were talking about their life in Melbourne, our life in Singapore. Christina and Esther! Remember their name. I thought my eyes were playing trick on me when I saw Christina wedding finger got a diamond ring until my Aunt said about her getting married and going back to Malaysia next year. I was like "OOH~! Finally I have a cousin who is getting married." If I'm not wrong she's 20 plus this year. Not older than Jun and Nino. My cousin is getting married in Melbourne so I got no chance to join the wedding): Cos by the time they get married, is when school start or already halfway. Most of my cousins are studying in UK/Melbourne University and they stay at my Aunt house which is good for them :D Uncle EngYing ask my mom when we are both going back to Malaysia cos GongGong miss us alot and my mom was "not free lar" then dad say his going back to Malaysia this year and they ask me go along. That mean I'm going Malaysia this year to celebrate Popo b'dae :DDDDD I'm a happy daughter/granddaughter/niece! I can visit JenJen and Dickshen again(: Then we started talking about low blood pressure all of a sudden. The funny thing was my mom used to love to eat celery cos she said is crunchy. Her blood pressure just keep on dropping which is kind of dangerous cos she will get tired easily. Then she realised, her eating alot of celery is causing her blood pressure to drop. I thought it was funny in the first place but to think it's kind of scary. My dad family has a history of lbp. I was thinking when I grow older I have a feeling I will get lbp since women are more prone to this kind of stuff. Now whenever I see the doctor, I always have my blood pressure taken and when the doctor say is normal, I will go "PHEW:D" Christina and Esther got the accent. The really rich english accent. They look alike.

My mom said this before we said our good byes. "WE WILL GO MELBOURNE!" I suspect is mostly next year through budget airline cos they were talking about how cheap is it to take the budget airline. Yet it's better than nothing right? To be able to go Melbourne, live in Uncle EngYing house and SHOP!

Sometimes I hope my Dad's side of the family can be as close as my Mom's side. Everything we do, we do together. For those who know me well enough, you should know how close we are. We live beside each other, we tour together, shop together, have gatherings every time and blah blah blah. One is so far apart, the other is so close together.

I REALLY THINK I WAS BORN INTO THE WRONG FAMILY. A family with talents and education suddenly pop out someone who is normal.

I was reading my old blog about last year CNY and I realize we keep on playing monopoly so I was thinking, "HUH?! Don't tell me we are gonna play monopoly again this year!" then hahahhahahahahhaha I suddenly remember who want to play monopoly when we can play WII, Nitendo DS and PSP all day long :D This time not including a Macbook. Wonder whether Yenting has found her SMAP DVD.


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