Dohzi - T

Dohzi-T is now my favorite rapper in the whole entire Japan music industry thanks to the 12 Love Stories Album :D Sorry Sho-kun you have been kick out of the list by me although you are my favorite in the whole JE but you just can't compare to professional rapper like Dohzi-T or Seamo or SoulJa and even more.
The 12 love stories that I downloaded the whole day yesterday cos my comp was being an irritating asshole and it actually was 134MB. IT WAS WORTH IT :D

Here's one of my favorite song in the album.
One love feat. Shimizu Shota

& guess what Dohzi-T did that make me so happy!!

He did this remix of one of my favorite oldies.
悲しみさよなら feat Full of harmony

Enjoy :D


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