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I was suppose to blog a few days back due to some quite irritating persuading (SUMA!) I have to start blogging and since tons of stuff have happen this is the best time to blog if not my stuff will pile up and it will take 1 page to write finish everything or maybe few day few nights.

First come first,
I'm actually getting myself attached to this place when I know I'm going to leave this place soon. The regular customers, the staff and everyone even the security guards (AH SHUI!) Whenever those Japanese exchange student come to Medi-ya and see all their home-town stuff my love will grow stronger, more than expected. Whenever they start saying "AH they also have this," I will be thinking "Medi-ya never fail me and you know they never fail you too."

I love kids and I love Japanese kids the most. Medi-ya is the only place I can communicate to them. I finally found my courage and talk to some of the parents.

(since it's Japanese I will translate ^^)

1st customer)
The boy was passing me all the stuff and he was saying to his dad..
Kouki-kun: Nee-san, amazing
Otousan: Yup
Me: What's his age.
Otousan: 3 years old
Me (to boy): What's your name?
Kouki-kun: Kouki-kun (heartssss)
Otousan: Hai, kouki-kun.

The moment he said his name I fell in love with him. Who can say his name in such a cute way. Kouki-kun, nee-san know you will grow up to be a handsome little man.

2nd customer)
I love playing peek-a-boo with small little kids and a few day ago I was playing with one kid and the mother saw me doing that once and I was kind of embarrassed by that incident but she did it with us. On tuesday, there was this customer who keep doing the peek a boo thingy to me and her kid and when I saw her I remember it was the mom!! She was like Nee-san.

Me: What's her age.
Mom: Ah. You know Japanese. She's 11 month. Turning 1 years old next month.
Me: Yup I use to study Japanese. Kawaii ne~! Advance happy birthday :D

Now whenever I see the Mom I would always go up to her and say "Hello" then start playing with the kid. She recognize me. Ureshii~!

There are so many Japanese student from exchange programme now a days and they all have the same reaction towards 5cents coins.
SO SMALL. SO CUTE. Yah, I'm not joking especially the new 5cents coins that are shining.
All the boys should join JE and they will win people like Yamapi, Kame and which guy do you think is hot. I wonder whether Yabu look like this in real life. If his exactly the same I don't mind falling slowly into him. Yabu is hot and I'm not a pedo cos Yabu is older than me ^_^ (People who are older than HSJ who like them are mostly pedo from what I heard)

There's some more but if I continue I don't know how long I still can write. (^^)

Went out with Natalie on Wednesday and seriously Chinatown will be my newest HOT SPOT! They rule over stuff like Orchard, Somerset, Dohby Ghaut. The have cheap and nice stuff and if you love oldies meaning Black and white screen you should go there they sell it like so cheap and I saw Tiger and Dragon selling for $5. The drama with 2 of my senpai love band. Nagase Nii and Okada from V6.

Let me talk about Okada. I was reading JE hate Meme and they post Okada AnAn magazine scans. You know how hot or sexy Anan pics are with naked Je boys like for example Yamapi and Jun. But the want that rule all of them was Okada! Gah! He look extremly hot. please don't say Kimu won Anan best man this year again because I believe Okada will rule him one day even though Kimu gonna get divorced with Kudo which I kind of expected. This kind of relationship never last. I've seen too many failed cases and for one which surprisingly did not fail.

Continue with the events that happen on Wednesday.

First Event: Guy which we met 3 times.

First time was while we were eating our Cheeseburger at Mac and he was eating his MCvalue lunch. He was sitting a few seats from us and didn't pay much attention to him but the moment he stand up and my eyes flew to him cos he was quite tall.

Second time was while we walking along the streets of Chinatown and he was there walking too hearing his ipod. Normal for us to see him since it was at Chinatown but the third time was creepy.

So here is it. We wanted to go to orchard so we took a train to dohby ghaut and to walk to Kino. I realised we took the worng direction and it was going to harbourfront and when we return back to chinatown he was at the gate waiting for the train doors to open. The moment I saw him, I turn around to tell Nat, "This is the 3rd time we are seeing him". We both got off at the same stop too and he was right in front and he keep on turning back to look at us. "Is he stalking us for some reason?" so I was telling her, "maybe he think we are stalking him" It was kind of creepy but we didn't see him after that when we went to Kino.

Second Event: Kino's laggy comp!

Nat was searching for her Lucy book and they had the 'Print map' buttons so we try pressing it but when we press one time and the paper didn't come out so I keep pressing and I found out it was FREAKINGLY LAGGING. It came out 15 pieces and we were trying to cover the comp so people can't see it and the cashiers were looking at us suspiciously!

Going Kino is making a big hole in my wallet. I bought Popolo cos arashi is on the cover of every month popolo because thanks to their 10 years anniversary. CONGRATS.

I bought Princess Diaries Book 10. The final book ): I WANT MORE PRINCESS DIARIES!
For those who don't want any spoilers on book 10 try skipping this part :D

- Lana and Trisha are still friends with Mia
- In book 9, Lily created the ihatemiathermopolis website
- JP is still dating Mia
- Mia wrote a 400page romance story which she told everyone that i was the history of Genovian olive-oil pressing, circa 1254-1650 but she told the truth to everyone after that.
- His a millionaire now cos he invented the CardioArm.
- Mia had a 18th birthday party
- JP gave her a promise ring in front of everyone and invited her for prom.
- Michal donated a CardioArm to Genovian hospital because he wanted to thank Mia
- JP wrote a play all about Mia and him and Sean Penn decided to do it into a movie.
- Tina confessed to Mia that she and Boris did sex (o.o i though tina wanted to have it after prom)
- Mia wanted to prove she's not in love with Michael so she text JP and ask him to get a room.
The happy part was in prom...
- Mia and Lily are best friend again. (POG XD)
- Mia found out that JP was a two-sided bastard. He said he was waiting for Mia when he had sex with lily already.
- Mia broke up with JP and return him the ring using grandmere way.
- Mia is BACK with Michael and they had sex
- She's going into college.


3rd event: THE RAIN!

It was raining I knew it would rain on Tuesday or Wednesday because the clouds look kind of heavy. Natalie and me were walking to dohby ghaut so we could take our train and we were kid of admiring the branded goods that people were wearing. I spotted and smelled the rain and when I saw opposite was raining I shouted "RAINING" and everyone kind of look at me. Natalie still didn't believe that it was raining and when it suddenly poured she turned around to see me running already (^_^) Yup, I kind of did save people from the rain!! We stayed at Kino till the rain stopped so we could take our train at Dohby Ghaut.

I love heeren basement cos they got my favorite Mango shaved Ice from the desert shop!!

Advanced Happy V. Day to Everyone!


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