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I swear it's going to be a long long post again. I didn't blog for don't know how many days plus I'm not blogging for don't know how many days again even though I'm going to have all the time in the world to do it. I'm ending work tomorrow and ya, I'm gonna miss everyone! JAMIE, MUNYEE and you know who you are even though you all don't read this. Sunday was quite fun and at least I had my favourite Arashi song playing on Medi-ya speaker. It was an Arashi day. Totally one Arashi day. They played TRUTH, ONE LOVE, BOKU GA BOKU NO SUBETE, STEP&GO, HAPPINESS, LOVE SO SWEET, SNOWFLAKE. Not alot but at least it's one of the most. I think someone must be a Mr. Children fan. Not I think but I kinda confirm and I know who it is. Who isn't a fan/listener of Mr Children songs in Japan? They are talented and even retarded brainy love them. I met another Arashi fan but this time I didn't talk to her cos her parents were there.

Steps to finding an Arashi fan.

1) She will be dancing to one of their songs.
2) She will be singing outloud to all of the songs
3) She will be talking about one of their drama to another friend (Rnk! I rmbr you)
4) Ask and you will find out :D

Step 1: The girl was dancing to love so sweet and I was dancing it in my mind!

Step 2: Arashi songs are easy to remember so just sing out loud like what Julia and I did.

Step 3: Another girl was talking to her friend about Rnk and I shouted "NINOMIYA KAZUNARI" and for no reason both of us started singing "Beautiful days".

Step 4: Nope I didn't ask but Julia did ask :D I won't ask unless I'm confirm she's an arashi fan.

I'm gonna miss Kio-chan so much. She's the cutest baby I've ever seen and HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance. Argh I want to see my kid celebrating his/her 1 year old birthday happily :D Now, I want to see Kio-chan again :D

I didn't collect my medical checkup on Monday cos of some reason. So I went Carine house (^_^) We had fun fangirling all the way :D Let's see what we did, mostly we were watching videos and start the letter at 4+. We were watching hanamaru cafe, AnS, HnA, Uta no Oniisan, Iza now concert and stuff I can't remember. I showed her the "I love Lucy" clips with the English tutor part and I love Fred Expression. We watched "Ricky telling Little Ricky the red riding hood story in spanish and we were laughing so hard at the part when he was skipping like Little Riding Hood and acting as the Big Bad wolf. Little Ricky expression was mecha mechan kawaii. Then we went to watch Aiba Oshareism. Aiba is a big cute baka ne~ His eyebrows were gone and he drew it up everyday till his eyebrow grew back even though they were different each day. Oshiiko, Oshiiko! Aiba just admit you play that when you were a kid not the other one :D We watched Johnny countdown too and Arashi you make us so proud!! Let's see what you can do this year beating your Kokuritsu tour, AAA, 5 dome concerts, top 2 single. Arashi fan lets just pray and see what Arashi will bring us this year :D Ohno you can do another exhibition(^_^)

The most crazy one was IZA NOW CONCERT. Arashi concerts are super HIGH and you have to admit it. Carine on the volume until it was super loud for Iza Now concert and we off the lights and just went super High at like 11pm at night! We were singing along to all the songs, dancing and blah blah whatever you have. I think old songs rock even Arashi old songs rock. Our all time favourite A.Ra.Shi. I was kyaa-ing over 'Right back to you', dancing to 'Eyes with Delight', singing 'A.ra.shi' super loud, doing the hand movement for 'Kimi no tame ni boku ga iru'. Carine didn't know it was so loud until I silent the volume.

Since I was getting hungry, who would want to miss Tampinese famous Roti Prata and I ate it in the middle of the night. Liting motto for life: Who care much about fats when you are munching on amazing delicaies(: So I got it and we were watching Mind your language while eating it. The curry was spicy and I did wanted to give up on the curry but NO! I cannot do that...(T_T)

We didn't sleep the whole night but just watch videos. Thats what Arashi fan do together all the time =) I was kind of dragging my mind to write the letter later so that's how I guess we ended up writing the letter at 4am. I thought we would write a very long letter like 3-4 pages but Carine think they will rather read a short ENGLISH letter then a long one. We finish the letter with only one page and I was kind of surprised. Now the only thing we can do is just pray that Arashi or even Sho reads the letter. Cross 2 fingers :D

I managed to watch Uta no Onii at Carine house and it was a great show. Ohno you did a great job with Kenta-kun and I think the acorn suit you alot. Who cares about Ouji when we have the great Kenta-kun :D

I went to collect my medical report and I seriously wish it was successful but sometimes I really need to be truthful to myself. It was unsuccessful. The reason for it I rather not said outloud. Luckily I saw Tong Yee at SATA if not I really don't know how to control my feeling. I didn't know he had the sickness too until Aunt Catherine told me and she said it was from the mom. She suspected that since I am a girl it comes from the dad. I was thinking about it and the possibility of my dad having is cannot be. The doctor say is transmitted during sex or childbirth. Maybe my dad has it or maybe my mom has it. Now I am so confused over it. Warning to everyone now. Please don’t touch me or my blood ever unless you want to have it since it’s infectious. Nande...

Sho-kun, you know this is one time I would really want you to be with me. I want to feel the warmth of your hug throughout the night and I know it will calm me down so much. I just want to hear you say my name and I will forget about everything. Yet, reality has to hit so hard that it really hurts. When can I be with you? Thats the question that is always asked deep inside my heart. I don't think giving up on you in the first place isn't a great idea to start with. All I just want to see is the smile you have on your face even though you are facing one of the worst problem you ever encountered. I really wish Shin-kun and Sa-chan would exist in both of our life.

Today is Wednesday right? I just realise it actually took me 2 days to complete one post. Reason being, I was too lazy to continue so many things kind of came together and I had more things to post meaning a longer post. My mom bought me a laptop like finally. She was complaining that she should just get me a laptop instead of me nagging at her all the time and complaining about my computer all the time. As well get a new one instead of changing a motherboard since my motherboard is more expensive than the normal one. One thing I like more about Fujitsu that it is really high class compared to the other brands and I love Japan brand :D I bought my laptop at Challenger and my mom helped me applied for the member card so as a member I received tons of stuff. A headphone, 4GB thumbdrive and a screen cleaner. They keep on persuading my mom to get the extended warranty but she was like, “After the warranty end then the laptop start spoiling”. One thing I am so not use to a laptop is the mouse thingy. I can’t handle the curson unless I use a normal mouse not the one that is attached to the laptop. I am having a hard time just trying to move my cursor around.

I don’t think a 4GB thumbdrive is enough to put all of my songs in. I mean with my interest in Music it’s kind of obvious that I will use up everything and keep on downloading some more. Downloading Albums, Singles and just a simple song can take up so much memory. Haiz….

I don’t know whether is it me or what but I just realise time is actually moving so fast than I’m learning something from it. I started becoming truthful to myself and lying to myself about how I am feeling and so much more. It’s making me more relived as my feelings are not bottled up. A diary help, like the one Mia have. I write almost everything down and nowadays I mostly walk with a diary and a pen. How interesting I wonder. Just writing in a diary, I tend to write in a chunk and I keep almost everything in it. My username, my password even my deepest hurts and secrets. It’s nice to know one day when I grow up, I will come across this diary and tell myself “Oh look how young was I back then.” Being able to express my deepest thoughts, I am proud of myself (=

It’s only 2 months away from my 1st year anniversary of this blog :D I think this will be the final blog I have for blogspot. Mostly confirm ^^ Things been going quite smooth and I love it because this blog is the time I found out I already fallen deeply into him. It’s been 1 year 6 months in getting to know him…

Kind of done (: So wait for my next long post


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