Yasuko to Kenji is soooooooooo good that you should really watch. It's amazing that drama. Matsu-nii did a great job and that girl who acted as Erika-san was like PRETTY. I first time thought Ohkura was hot. I'm not trying to betray you Sho-chan but when a person is hot you have to really admit to it :D I RECOMMEND THIS DRAMA! It's like sibling relationship where they will have their laughs and tears. Kenji was really protecting his sister. Erika-san was really protecting Jun-kun.

They used Arashi names :D Ninomiya, Satoshi and Jun too. I mean this are the names which are common in Japan so it was not surprising at all. I really like some Japanese names like Sayuri, Rina and Shin. Like Chinese names, Japanese names also consist of their family name and given name. Amazingly, there are 100,000 different surnames used in Japan. The common ones are like Sato (Sato Takeru), Suzuki (Suzuki Ann), Takahashi (Takahashi Mike), Kato (Kato Shigeaki).

I think kanji is one of the most difficult and tiring part of the Japanese language. A name written in Kanji has more than one Japanese common pronunciation even the way you write it can also be different. For example in Sho's case, his family name Sakurai can be written in 2 ways. 1 way is 桜井 while the second way is 櫻井. For him, he has choosen the second way of writing it which I blame him for it cos everytime I want to write his name it's so hard especially the top part. It's even worse when you are going to write a letter and you will know you are soooooo gonna mess it up cos it's so hard to write.

I ended work last sunday and 1 week and 2 day has pass already. Time is passing fast. I should really tell you how I mess up my time, date and so many things. Like you know, I went Carine house on Monday and I came back on Tueday. I practically fell asleep the whole day only waking up for 1 hour just to grab something to eat. & geez it ruin my whole time thingy. I woke up on Wednesday thinking it was Tuesday and waking up on Thursday thinking it was Wednesday. and so forth. As you know my family don't eat meat on Friday except fish meat which is kind of part of the Catholic Tradition. So for friday dinner my maid cook fish curry then I was wondering...
'She cook fish curry today so what is she going to cook tommorow?'
Saturday came and as usual I thought it was Friday. I went down to have my lunch and everyone was at home. It's a working day so why is everyone at home. After my lunch, I went online and I saw Rie-chan Msn Personal Message: 'IT'S SATURDAY AND I'M STILL STUCK AT MY OFFICE.' At first, I was wondering,
'Different country so different timing.'
I kept on feeling something was wrong. YABAI totally YABAI japan is only 1 hour faster then us. SO TODAY IS SATURDAY. *GASP*
& now my timing is back again which I'm quite happy (^_^) I've been checking the time every 30 minutes and checking the date and day. There are something I really don't want to miss.

Being at home for more then a week, I need to get a fcuking job. I hate working but I just need that income badly. Arashi kills. They kill badly. My calender arrive. & for your information I'm not starting in school in April means I'm left with sooooooooo many months to rot at home T_T (Second reason why I want to work) I know I have all my drama to entertain me but I stay at home the whole day, my mom nag. I go out everyday, my mom nag. So, tell me what to do? The solution is too go out to work. (Third reason why I want to work) I've been too lazy to check classified also.

I told Mr Smurf about me going to find a job but with the kind of economy we are facing I think it's gonna be a little bit hard. Mr Smurf was telling me about his dad job as a broker. I wish all well for your dad. His job will go all well. Smurfette is wishing you luck and I will give you my smurfette power.

I think last week HnA episode was my all time favorite and I watched it over 20 times already :D Paraparastar1230 was on it too. Since a fanboy of Arashi all the way from taiwan and he sing songs. They showed him singing 'Prisoner of Love' by Utada Hikaru. They should have showed him singing 'A.ra.shi' and I know Arashi would be really impressed even though Sho was going all 'Sugee~!!!!!!!!!!!' There was connie talbot, Bianca Ryans and Rama-kun :D Arashi also did a beatbox thingy. Aiba was really cute when he was doing the sneezing thing and his NORI NORI acting! Sho was doing the 'FHOOOU!!!!'. Nino vomit sounded disgusting at first but it sounded cuter. I love Ohno expressions the most :D They did a Love so sweet Remix too.

& I'm addicted to believe and watching Uta no Oniisan :D


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