Gamba Osaka are,.

What's up with fandom lately?

  • 嵐の宿題くん ended on Monday (22/03) Received a total full detail report from kiyo-chan, watch it and Ohno's: 僕は。。。寝ません!As much as I feel pretty excited for the new variety show, I know it will never surpass shukudai-kun in my heart. OKAY, I CRIED T_T

Ya, next is my album arrived. It did since last year but i was either busy with RL or Christine busy with RL to get it from her. Pictures look pretty. Can't wait for next month for the DVD to come.

  • Utaban changed it's name from 'うたばん’ to 'The Music Hour'
  • Ohno is going on TSD. Weet~
  • Kimutaku new drama /shout b-but with Lin Chi-ling. Why?! o.o
  • Can't for the new Ueno X Eita new drama. Twitter-related. To all DBSK lover out there, Jaejoong is in it.

  • Lovely Kaibutsu-kun~
  • Lastly, I'm still RAWKING to the BEAT BEAT with Home Made Kazoku.


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