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1. Super fun fun adventure amusement park marathon with you, sho-chan and mr smurf! How will it go?

It will go fun with mr Smurf joking how I look like a smurfette and Sho-chan will gooooooo all out to try imitating how a smurfette will look like then he will make me dress in blue and put on a white cap. Mr Smurf and I will go all the tall rides leaving Sho-chan all alone :D

2. Can aibaka be a bad influence

Oh that, I never thought so. His so energetic like he works on batteries. His never human and he doesn't walk on both feet but he use springs. He is sooooooooo jumpy. The only thing that Aiba can be a influence is when his tension is sooooooo high that you can't handle it and it will go high with him too. His laughter is affections.

3. How do your and nino's talents add up?

I never have any talents in stuff in the first place unless you count how kids adore me over other people. Nino is such a talented man. He composes music, his good in acting, he acted in [Letters of Iwo Jima], His a magician, His the best otaku, His forever on his game, He loves Ohno. No my talents can never be pared up with him.

4. Do you do anything special with nat?

Hmm..best friends do tons of stuff that are special right which will be kept right inside our heart and why should I tell you. Okay, I was joking. We talk about how hot her Ricky Ricardo is, how hot my Sakurai Sho is. She make me found my hotspot CHINATOWN, we love heeren basement, we love kinokuniya and buying expensive books.

5. Do you think belle is a virgin?

For me to not know, for her to keep it as a secret. LOL. Of cos she's a virgin but there are stuff we better not know.

6. Who would win in a duel, matsujun or mr smurf? And what kind of duel would they pick, anyway?

I don't think Mr Smurf would want to deal with someone as Do-s as Matsujun unless his really daring and brave. Seeing Jun I guess it would be like some Michael Jackson duel or the pulling cloth from table duel.

7. Would you love to read oh-chan's very personal diary?

Who wouldn't? But i rather not disturb his privacy. I don't want him to read my diary too, you know. I wonder what Oh-chan personal diary has. Stuff about his love and fantasy about Nino. I'm too into Ohmiya Sk recently cos I watch too many ohmiya sk video. Maybe he dream about Jun instead. They will have tons of picture of his family.

8. If you could do anything with shirin, what would it be?

I want to prank Natalie :D fufufufufufu
I want to compete with her in pet society. PIPO WILL WIN!!!

9. How did you meet shengan?

His my lovely penpal from taiwan who want to provide me with food & lodging when I go to taipei. I will hunt you next year!

10. Will mr smurf eat those green eggs and ham?

EWW! What are green eggs in the first place? WAIT ^^~ Are those eggs that are kinda organic. (When I think of green, I think of veggies then I think of organice. Veggies sound organice too me.)
I don't know about the green eggs, but I'm sure he will eat his hams like a good boy.

Just go do!!!!


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