This is really going to be random and I will be skipping from here to here and you have to be on the same line with me to actually understand what I mean.

I downloaded tons of soundtracks today and hehehehe my song list is increasing~

Yoiko no Mikata
Hana Yori Dango
Hana Yori Dango 2
Ryuusei No Kizuna
Gokusen 1
Honey & Clover
Kimi wa petto

It's amazing to have people like Yamashita Kosuke to do the whole HYD soundtrack. Coincidentally, Oshima Michiru did Yoiko no Mikata and Gokusen soundtrack. I wish that there were more of these kind of people in the world.

I really love the yoiko no mikata soundtrack. It's so cheerful and I want to rewatch Yoiko no Mikata. The Hana Yori Dango Season 1 and 2 is almost the same as the Final except for a few songs. & hearing this song it just seem so nostalgic. Like hearing the Main theme you will be feeling "Ahhh I know the scene where this song was played." I miss HYD and I give all my condolence to BoF cast. I don't understand korean artist at all. There are just so many cases of it happening and she was such a pretty girl. & T-max getting me back into Love So Sweet again. I adore Arashi fanboy so much.

I nearly cried watching Uta No Oniisan epi 7.

I was shocked when Akane leave the group. But not surprisingly, under the kind of pressure she went through who would not want to leave or even thought of leaving. & seems like UtanoOnii is ending because "Let's sing with everyone" is also ending ):

I thought this was kinda sweet. When Kenta scolded Saitou-san

Saitou: For someone who has been losing all his life, there's no way he can win regardless of how hard he works! (I dont agree this sentence!)
Kenta: Shall I tell you why I became a singing brother? THIS WAS THE ONLY PLACE I HAD IN LIFE! This is the only place you have too, isn't it?! Together the two of us are the Singing brothers...

I agreed with Kenta. Even though his a NEET, his words are wisdom phrases.

Sho-sama went on Uta no Oniisan and he just said this "Don't underestimate Arashi." with Kenta replying "Don't underestimate Singing brothers" I expected something like him singing "Uta o Uta o minna de~" You get what I mean?

The Papipupepo tree is smiling widely at Kenta.

Even though Uta no Oniisan is going to end this friday, NOOOOOOOOOOO! I will miss the Papipupepo tree so much. It's the one that's making the feeling in the drama.

On Monday, I went to Medi-ya. Ah Kiaw miss me sooooooo much ^^~ Since I was at Medi-ya of course I needed to get Sho-sama Mitsuya cider. They didn't have the bottle version so I have to go along with the can version.

& I love c1000 even though it's fcuking expensive.

plus I bought jelly from the kobe guy. Kobe is some place in Japan where Kobe beef is really famous~ So back to the Jelly, it's different from the Agar Agar we eat in Singapore and I bought the grape version.

I went to collect my Arashi calender at Kinokuniya Liang Court and I bought Potato. *Money flying away soon.* It's soooo hard to resist and I have to choose between so much because all of the cover page were mostly Arashi so I asked Julia to help me choose and she choose Potato cos of the poster.

The calender and the diary.

& sexy sh0-sama doing his pose. This remind me of Xiao Zhu bar top dancing picture.
*Sho-sama yada yada*

I was showing Zhong Xiang my study table :D
The little piece of paper is where I write all my Tv show timing.

Closer View and you know who is on my wallpaper :D

Iie, it's not Sho-sama. Instead it's lovely Aiba-nii.
I miss Aiba-nii genkiness.

I miss C X D X G no Arashi and Mago Mago Arashi alot <3


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