Arashi fandom

Welcome to my Arashi fandom~^0^
& don't get too jealous ne(:

I finally took the time to get bluetack/white tack to paste up all this:D
I took out the YTM news cutting in the end cos it just wouldn't stick and I definetly don't want to see Mimura senpai suffering ^^
Now it's a total prove at how big the DAL poster is. KYAA~ I'm sooo glad I got it. & I love my Sho shiny pin up and all those picture above the posters but is it that not obvious as to who my ichiban in Arashi is? Sho-sama ne...

&&& of cos the most treasured album that all Arashi fans want. If I ever sell this on e-bay I would earn US$100 or even more! You never know how rabid Arashi fans can be till you see the price of tickets, goods and cds they are willing to pay. Arashi No.1 Ichigo can sell the most cos this is PONY CANYON and Arashi first ever album which is nearly 9 years ago and you have to duck up everywhere just to find this cd which you might not find it and maybe only that shop in tokyo has it ._. The shop that sell all the old JE Stuff which I'm gonna rob everything in it when I step my foot onto Japan soil 0.o *start plotting*

&& I can't wait to go to the zoo on thurs with evil boy. fufufu.

Little short story cos I gotten an inspiration...
(I wish Blogger have Cut)

"Sakurai Sho!! One more time and I'm not gonna forgive you."

"You aren't that cruel. Look the drawing is cute too you know if you look at it from another angle." Do you know how much it hurt for you to make fun of how I look with your drawing?

I looked away from you and a tear fell. I really don't have the strength to cry in front of you.

"Are you angry?" I didn't wanted to reply you.

"Hey talk to me...' You turned me around and saw my tears. Without wasting any second, you took me in your arms and hugged me tight.

"Sakurai Sho, I hate you," I spoke, "Idiot. Only an idiot like you will do this!!"

"I'm a idiot okay?" You patted my head trying to stop me from crying. "Ahh..I hate to see girls crying. It make my heart soften."

"You were the one who started it first! Learn how to clean up your own mess!"

You let go off me slowly, putting my head on your chest letting me hear your heartbeat. It was steady and calm. Unlike mine that always beat so fast everytime I stare into your eyes. You then took out the drawing pad, flip it to the newest page and drew a picture. I watched quietly as you drew out every line that the marker lay on, it turned out to be a picture of...

"What the hell are you drawing?"

"Look carefully!'

"Is that you?? Oh my gosh you look like Ken from Barbie Doll!! Wait...I don't have breast that look like that! Sho your drawing is amazingly bad!"

"Hey there I did my best already."

"I know." I let out a chuckle and you pinched my cheek.

"Finally laughing, this is the girl I fell in love with" and then you held my hand gently, kissing the top of my head, I closed my eyes to enjoy lazing around with you on the sofa.

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